One Direction's Nipple Tweaking Amped Up 'Kiss You' Set

'If it gets a bit slow, you might say, 'Go and give him a big lick up the face,' or 'Bite his ear,' ' director Vaughan Arnell tells MTV News.

If you are a One Direction fan you have most likely watched their "Kiss You" video a bunch of times — over 18 million to be exact. We bet most of you have been counting the number of swoon-worthy faces or trying to learn their quirky dance moves, but you may have missed something about the video.

But don't worry, because MTV News caught up with "Kiss You" director Vaughan Arnell via Skype, who spilled some secrets behind the making of the throwback video, including the opening scene.

"When I heard the track, it really reminded me of those 60's beach movies," Arnell said. "We looked at the Hitchcock film "To Catch a Thief," and we saw the scene with Cary Grant in the car and it was all back projected, and they said, 'No, no we don't want a car; we want a motorbike and a side car."

Yet, that wasn't the only demand they had. When it was time to get the boys shirtless for the surfing scene, which was an homage to Elvis Presley's "Blue Hawaii," they presented some apprehension, but agreed to strip down only if Arnell did the same.

"They said they would only do it if I wore board shorts and did it with them," said Arnell, who admitted that Louis and Liam were the best surfers. "But I'm quite fat and quite lardy and have breasts and I was so nervous they were going to make me take my clothes off and do it with them, but thank god I talked them out of it."

From surfing to skiing, the guys of 1D also strapped on some ski boots to land the perfect shot, and while they might look like they are having a blast, their feet said otherwise.

"The boys were in so much pain when we did the skiing scene because basically we had to get ski boots, drill them down into these little trollies that were pulled by ropes, it was all human and mechanical," Arnell said. "At the end of it, I really felt for them. We cleared about three or four takes because their shins were getting bashed and split."

The guys battled through the pain and the finished product proved to be a mix of comedy and nostalgia, with of course One Direction's signature style, which Arnell revealed involved some tweaking this time around.

"You get this feeling the minute they start to sing or the minute they star to perform, they are giving each other little looks. Maybe Harry might tweak somebody's nipples or something like that and the whole energy starts to build up," Arnell said. "If it gets a bit slow you might say, 'Go and give him a big lick up the face,' or 'Bite his ear,' but they normally do that anyway."

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