Lady Gaga Vs. Sharon Osbourne: Fans Take Sides

As the war or words escalates, Gaga and Osbourne's fans weigh in on who they're backing.

There's a war of words between Lady Gaga and Sharon Osbourne, and fans are beginning to take sides.

It all began last year when Kelly Osbourne, who has critiqued Lady Gaga on her E! show "Fashion Police" and at one point called the pop star "disrespectful" for not walking the 2102 Grammy Red Carpet, revealed to Fabulous magazine that since that episode, she has been told to "kill herself" by Lady Gaga's fans, the Little Monsters.

Coming to her daughter's defense, on Thursday, Sharon Osbourne privately emailed Lady Gaga's manager requesting that he ask the singer tweet to her fans encouraging them to be more respectful, saying "one tweet from Gaga can change this whole situation."

Shortly thereafter, Lady Gaga posted a note on claiming that Kelly is a bully who has chosen a "less compassionate path" since she is a part of a show that "breeds negativity."

Unsurprisingly, Sharon Osbourne didn't stay quiet, on Thursday night she posted, along with her original email to Gaga's manager, an open letter lashing out at the pop star "" whom she called "desperate" for attention.

It didn't take long for fans, especially the Little Monsters, to weigh in. But in this feud, which one user pointed out began all the way back in 2009, fans are mostly divided. reader JPRaush said he thinks Osbourne took the letter too personally. "I'm team Gaga on this one. Simmer down, Sharon— Gaga wasn't trashing Kelly, she was trying to be positive and encourage positivity in others, including her fans."

While some users wished this stayed between the two parties, others didn't see the harm in Gaga's letter.

"While some of Gaga's fans were out of line, after reading the letter, I can't see anything wrong with it — it was well-written & respectful, even complimentary," reader TheresaKP said. "I also see no reason it shouldn't have been made public, since Kelly's comments were publicly made. Why this 'perplexed' Sharon is beyond me."

Facebook commenter Jake added, "Lady Gaga wasn't 'bullying' Kelly Osbourne and I think this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion! Sorry Sharon, but Gaga has my vote and the vote of many others."

Yet, even with Gaga's millions of supporters, there were some fans that felt Osbourne was justified in her remarks. One Facebook commenter, Melissa, said, "When people say 'Dish it out but not take it,' they seem to be forgetting the death threats," Facebook user Melissa said. "Commenting on some celebrity fashion choice is hardly the same as a threat to one's life."

However, what was most surprising was that some Little Monsters were throwing their support for Osbourne.

"I am a little monster I completely agree with Sharon for supporting her daughter Kelly and for trying to put a stop to this bullying, and Lady Gaga should not have made public her response, nor should Sharon have posted her response to the public," Facebook user Gema said. "It saddens me that there are people who call themselves little monsters that can be so horrible and cruel to another person."

But some fans, like Facebook user Susan, found both Gaga and Osbourne to be in the wrong.

"I have looked at both sides of this and find this to be wrong on both sides," she said. "Both of you are being bullies to each other. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

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