Ke$ha Wilds Out, Parties Hard In New 'C'Mon' Video

Ke$ha takes a trip through time, and turns a dude into a kitten, in her latest clip.

When we last left Ke$ha, she was holed up South of the Border in the "Die Young" video, a decidedly dark clip that cast her as a "kult" leader and was entirely bereft of glitter and James Van Der Beek cameos.

In other words, it was unlike any other clip in her catalog, for better or worse. So, in her brand-new "C'mon" video, she's getting back to basics: which is to say, she hitches a ride in a magical, time-traveling van, hangs out with a bunch of Furries, turns a dude into a kitten, lounges in a hot tub and basically revels in making no sense whatsoever. In other words, it's Klassic Ke$ha ... purists rejoice.

"C'mon" opens with Ke$h working at an "Awful House" restaurant (perhaps a nod to the Waffle House waitress she hung out with in the lead-up to her Warrior album?) where, after getting harassed by her boss, she defiantly quits. As she's hanging around outside, she's picked up by the aforementioned van, and the clip really kicks into high gear.

From there, we take a trip back to the 1960s (we know this because Ke$ha is wearing a hippie headband) for a wild party that includes plenty of folks dressed up in animal costumes and a heated hot tub session. Ke$h and Ko. run wild through the town, spreading good cheer — and some beer — and eventually turning a shop owner into a kitten. Then, they return to the Awful House, where Ke$ha gets her ultimate revenge on her jerk boss.

So, no, "C'mon" doesn't make an ounce of sense ... but, really, when has Ke$ha ever appeared to be concerned with that? Once again, she delivers a video that's all fun, zero substance, and does it her way. It's why her fans love her, after all, and as she's proven at every step of her rather amazing anti-career, she just wants to party. And if her latest clip is any indication, she'd be a fun girl to party with. Bring the van to Broadway, girl; we're waiting for a ride.

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