Sharon Osbourne Pens Scathing Response To Lady Gaga's 'Bullying' Letter

'Are you so desperate that you needed to make this public?' Sharon writes in response to Gaga's open letter criticizing Kelly Osbourne.

If there is any golden rule in the music industry it's this: do not mess with Sharon Osbourne, especially her kids or her hubby, Ozzy.

Lady Gaga learned that lesson courtesy of a scathing note Osbourne posted on her Facebook page on Thursday night in response to an open letter Gaga penned on her website earlier in the day that accused "Fashion Police" host Kelly Osbourne of being a bully.

Read Lady Gaga's letter to Kelly here.

"I am responding to your open letter to my daughter Kelly, and I am perplexed as to why you would go public with an open letter," wrote Sharon, noting that it was she, not Kelly, who contacted Gaga's management after fresh receiving threats over Kelly's comments regarding Gaga's weight gain on the "Police" show.

"I reached out to him as Kelly's manager and mother to ask him if you could address your 'little monster' fans and stop them from writing libelous, slanderous and vile comments about my family, including death threats to Kelly."

Sharon went on to call Gaga's letter "hypocritical and full of contradictions," saying that just as the singer's mother, Cynthia, supports her, so does she support Kelly. "How sweet that you have empathy for my daughter, as you feel that she has taken a less passionate path in life. You say her work on E! with the 'Fashion Police' is 'rooted in criticism, judgment, and rating people's beauty against one another.' Welcome to the real world."

In her note, Gaga, who set up the "Body Revolution" campaign
 on last year, wrote that, "'Appearance' is the most used reason for bullying in the world. Your show breeds negativity, and over the years has even become comedic in nature. It glorifies you and Joan Rivers pointing in the camera, laughing, and making jokes about artists and celebrities as if we are zoo animals. What about your body revolution? It used to make me truly sad when I would hear people talk about your weight when you were younger, as I was bullied too. To see you blossoming into a beautiful slender woman who makes fun of others for a living is astounding. Why not help others? Why not defend others who are bullied for their image and share your story?"

Sharon said she doesn't feel the need to justify Kelly's life choices to Gaga. "By your actions to Kelly right now, you have shown me that you are nothing more than a publicly seeking hypocrite and an attention seeker," she wrote. Wishing Gaga had taken a more "dignified" route and settled the situation privately, Osbourne said posting the note to her 32 million followers is an act of bullying in itself. "Are you so desperate that you needed to make this public?" she asked.

Questioning Gaga's claim that she tries to be positive and promote a kinder, braver world through her music and public works, Osbourne concluded by questioning whether that message is getting through to the Little Monsters considering their "vile" threats against Kelly, as well as other celebrities including Madonna and Adele.

"I don't know what world you live in, but supporting disgraceful fan comments doesn't fall under the words 'kinder and braver,'" she wrote. "It comes under the heading of bulls--- ... In closing, stop wearing fur, stop looking for publicity, and stop using your fans to belittle not just Kelly but an endless stream of celebrities. A word from you would stop all the hideous, negative and vile threats from your 'little monsters.'"