Jennifer Lawrence: 'Silver Linings' Oscar Love Is Much 'Deserved'

'It's absolutely amazing to be able to share this with everybody,' she tells MTV News of nods for Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Jackie Weaver.

Jennifer Lawrence might be a fully grown, 22-year-old woman, but on Thursday (January 10), she found out about her just-announced Oscar nomination for "Silver Linings Playbook" in a very childlike way.

"I was having a sleepover with my parents," Lawrence told MTV News on the red carpet at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards. "So I was asleep, and they came into my room and told me what happened. And then they left my bedroom, and I went back to sleep."

And she's not alone: Her "Playbook" co-stars Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Jackie Weaver are also nominated for Oscars. "I believed with all my heart that they deserved it, so it's absolutely amazing to be able to share this with everybody," she said.

The Oscar nomination is hardly the biggest news in Lawrence's life, with "Hunger Games" sequel "Catching Fire" and "X-Men: Days of Future Past" looming on her very impressive horizon. Lawrence revealed that her second turn as Katniss, which just recently wrapped filming, was even more challenging than the first go-round.

"This one was harder," she admitted. "There were a lot more six-day weeks, and the schedule was exhausting, [but] it's so fun to get back with everybody, the same crew and obviously Josh [Hutcherson]. And [new director] Francis [Lawrence] is such a visionary. I think he's doing an incredible job."

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Lawrence proved to be her own worst enemy during shooting. "I kicked myself in the face, only I didn't kick myself; I hit myself with an eight-pound carbon-fiber bow," she revealed of the self-inflicted bruise. "My own arm betrayed me."

Looking forward to her second major franchise, we wanted to know if Lawrence has had a chance to read the script for the "X-Men: First Class" sequel, "Days of Future Past," but she had trouble answering the question because she wasn't aware of the title — a fact that was announced in August of last year.

"Days of future what? Is that what they're calling it?" Lawrence asked when we told her the name of her movie. "They don't tell me anything! They tell me everything, I never listen," she added, laughing about the fact that she didn't know the title. "That's a cool title! No I haven't read the script."

Luckily, the self-deprecating awards darling has some time to remedy that situation, because filming on "Days of Future Past" isn't set to begin until April.

Until then, Lawrence has to wade through several more awards shows, the next one being Sunday's Golden Globes, for which she's keeping her pre-show preparation to a minimum.

"Obviously, I'm very prepared," she joked, laughing at her lack of "X-Men" knowledge. "I'm just going to wake up [on Sunday] and go where they tell me, sit still for hair and makeup and then walk down the carpet and talk to people."