MTV Movie Brawl Round One: The State Of The Game

'Mortal Instruments,' 'Hunger Games' stand out as the top vote-getters in the brawl for it all.

The MTV Movie Brawl 2013 launched this week, pitting 40 of the coming year's hottest blockbusters, comedies, concert flicks and more against each other in a ruthless do-or-die tournament to find out which one is the most anticipated movie of the year. Thousands upon thousands of votes have been cast, and days still remain in the first round of the Brawl before the field of 40 slims down to a much leaner 16 — but for many of these movies, time is rapidly running out.

Read on for a look at where things currently stand in the brawl for it all!

1. You Guys Love "The Hunger Games": After placing second in last year's inaugural Movie Brawl, Katniss Everdeen is back again for this year's tournament, looking stronger than ever. Already, "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" has scored over 30,000 votes in its favor, making it one of the decisive front-runners to win the entire tournament.

2. You Guys Really Love "The Mortal Instruments": And it hasn't even come out yet! Fans are rallying in huge numbers for the adaptation of Cassandra Clare's beloved YA series, hitting theaters this summer. As it stands, "Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" rests comfortably in the number one slot of the tournament, with more than 35,000 votes to its name.

3. Marvel Rules, DC Drools: At least, that's what your votes are telling us. The third and fourth place slots in the competition currently belong to "Iron Man 3" and "Thor: The Dark World," Marvel Studios' 2013 follow-ups to "The Avengers." Also currently in the Top 16 is "The Wolverine," clawing into the eighth place slot. But it will take a big surge of support to get Superman back into the competition. "Man of Steel" is just shy of 2,000 votes, keeping it away from the Top 16, and posing the very real possibility of first-round elimination for the Last Son of Krypton. If you think Earth's mightiest heroes are overrated, and that the Justice League is where it's at, put your money where your mouth is and start voting — otherwise, the Big Blue Boy Scout is going to go from competitor to spectator very quickly.

4. Where Are The Star Trek Fans?: "Into Darkness" had a healthy amount of support early in the competition — support that has seemingly evaporated since then. At just over 2,000 votes, J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" sequel is currently the 17th top vote-getter, just one position shy of making its way into the next round of the competition. Benedict Cumberbatch's army of fans needs to show up soon in order to give the U.S.S. Enterprise a fighting chance here.

5. There's Only "One Direction" To Go: It took a while, but the Directioners have officially arrived at the Brawl. Morgan Spurlock's upcoming, yet-to-be-titled "One Direction Documentary" soared from the bottom of the heap to very near the top on Wednesday (January 9) after the boy band's fans finally caught wind of the tournament. With over 7,000 votes in its favor, the "One Direction Documentary" is all but guaranteed a spot in the next round.

6. Down But Not Out: Several competitors are currently at risk of getting knocked out of the tournament, but still have a chance for some last-minute support. Among those titles: "The Hangover Part III," "The Great Gatsby," "Ender's Game" and the aforementioned "Star Trek Into Darkness" and "Man of Steel." Any one of those movies could sneak into the next round of the Brawl with the right amount of support, but the clock is ticking.

7. Down And Probably Out: Many of the Brawlers will need a miracle to move past the first round, based on current standings. Michael Bay's "Pain and Gain" and Neill Blomkamp's "Elysium" have anchored the bottom two slots with less than 200 votes a piece since the competition began; consider both films dead in the water. Guillermo del Toro's "Pacific Rim," too, is very near the bottom of the rankings, as are "Evil Dead," Tom Cruise's "Oblivion" and Joss Whedon's "Much Ado About Nothing." Those fans simply haven't showed up to the Movie Brawl — but with voting open until 12:00 p.m. ET on Sunday (January 13), it's still anyone's game.

Who will win the brawl for it all? Your must-see movie needs your support. It's time to show character, poise and heart. Vote for your picks in the MTV Movie Brawl 2013!