'Washington Heights' Brawl Began With Reyna's 'Big Mouth'

'I'm trying to talk to you first I'm not trying to fight with you first,' Reyna tells MTV News of first episode's throwdown.

For as much love that exists within Washington Heights, the North Manhattan cultural haven sees its fair share of drama. On Wednesday night, that drama spilled over into MTV's new docu-series.

The premiere of "Washington Heights" ended with a bang as Reyna and Eliza dished out thudding blows in a jaw-dropping fist fight. "I don't go around picking fights, or wanting to fight or loving to fight. I don't do that," Reyna explained to MTV News of her temperament.

Whatever her intentions, Reyna threw the first blow in a scuffle which found both her and Eliza rolling around on the concrete outside of a NYC nightspot. The tension had been building the entire episode after Eliza found some questionable text messages between Reyna and her boyfriend Jimmy. Eliza then confronted Reyna about any would-be infidelity via Facebook, a true recipe for disaster.

Initially it looked like the two were able to work out their differences when they got together to talk and Reyna apologized, but cooler heads unfortunately didn't prevail. "I needed to check her and say listen, 'You might be who you are here, but when you're in front of me, you have to step back, take a chill pill sometimes. Your mouth is too big,' " Eliza explained of where the two went wrong.

Once the peace talks failed, an agitated Reyna began her attack. "I don't take stuff from anyone," Reyna said. "If I'm trying to work something out and I'm trying to talk to you and trying to make it better by having a conversation, then you should acknowledge that because I'm trying to talk to you first. I'm not trying to fight with you first."

The fight clearly caused a rift between Reyna, Eliza, Jimmy and the rest of the "Washington Heights," but only time will tell if the wounds can heal. "This fight happened because of something that really happened before the cameras. The cameras happened to be there," JP said before revealing that he and Jimmy hadn't talked for months after the scuffle. "That fight was wack."

Do you believe that Reyna and Eliza will eventually be able to settle their differences? Let us know in the comments!

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