Taylor Swift, Harry Styles Breakup: Which Direction Are Fans Leaning?

Swifties and Directioners weigh in on supposed split between Swift and the One Direction heartthrob.

After a whirlwind romance that included Central Park strolls, tattoo parlors, birthday cupcakes and a long New Year's Eve kiss, it seems that that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles' romance may have come to a screeching halt.

Neither Swift's nor Styles' representatives have commented after breakup rumors spread when Swift left the couple's British Virgin Islands getaway with the 1D heartthrob after a "heated argument" over the weekend.

It didn't take long for fans to weigh in on, flooding Twitter with their thoughts. After combing through thousands of comments, it seems, unsurprisingly, that the overall consensus among Directioners is that they are happy the two have possibly parted ways.

"People seriously have no idea how happy I am that all this Haylor drama is officially over!!!," @TaylorLacy2 tweeted. @christinalong2 added, "I'm so happy about the haylor break up I could cry :')"

Directioners were also quick to let Harry know that they are willing to provide him a shoulder to cry on. "Poor Harry, I can't believe she broke his heart! I would have treated him WAY better than that!:'(" MTV.com reader Lisa posted.

But even though 1D fans, who disagreed with the coupling to begin with, did have strong opinions on their dislike for Haylor, there were a few who were sad see the romance come to an end and even offered some encouraging words for Swift.

"I'm actually sad about haylor," @alicecharnleyz said. "not many directioners are."

@mrsjackson13 took to Twitter sharing her support for Swift, "@taylorswift13 regardless of what everyone or everybody says I'm STILLhere, ALWAYS! I LOVE you, ALWAYS! Xoxo." @fearlesstay24 tweeted, "I just hope that she finds the right guy."

Have Taylor and Harry broken up? Not so fast ...

Aside from the hurtful, the happy and the sad, several fans were just waiting for what kind of song Swift will write about the split.

"#TaylorSwift & One Direction's #HarryStyleshave broken up. For more details on the breakup, wait 10 seconds, then download her new single," Twitter user @CousinVinnyMTL said.

Another Twitter user, @iDanLadd even gave Swift a possible new song title, "#TaylorSwift's new single 'A Hairy Situation' premieres early next week. Sources say Taylor's new music takes a different direction."

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