Ryan Gosling's 'Gangster Squad' Voice Explained

Emma Stone tells MTV News that Gosling's voice made her 'so happy' while shooting the L.A. noir thriller.

Acting is all about choices. And in the case of "Gangster Squad," director Ruben Fleischer's noir film set to debut on Friday (January 11), Ryan Gosling made a very bold choice with his very unusual voice.

For "Gangster Squad," which focuses on the Los Angeles Police Department and their war on crime in the 1940s, Gosling opted for a higher-pitched tone, one that his co-star and the film's femme fatale, Emma Stone, has even heard compared to Bugs Bunny. For her own part, Stone doesn't know exactly what Gosling sounds like in "Gangster Squad" — but she knows she likes it.

"It makes me so happy," she told MTV News. "I loved it. It makes me so happy when anybody makes a weird choice. And it's not weird — it's great. You just wouldn't expect it."

Gosling isn't the only actor from the "Gangster Squad" cast used to trying different things with his vocal performance. His co-star Josh Brolin has experience in this field too, having tried multiple different voices for his turn as murderous fugitive Tom Chaney in the Coen Brothers' "True Grit." Brolin tried many different voices before deciding on something that sounded like "Michael Shannon, my aunt, Forrest Gump, Buffalo Bill and all of these other people" — and that was the voice that he and the Coens agreed upon.

"I've experienced that with so many actors, especially actors who haven't been around for a long time. You see them try on different things. I've done that, too," said Brolin. "You do a voice like that, you know, it's either going to work or it's really not going to work, in a big way. I have respect for people with the balls to put it out there. But it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to work."

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