Snooki And JWoww Are Going 'Housewives' In Season Two

Stars give MTV News deteails about the second season of 'Snooki & JWoww,' kicking off Tuesday night.

Snooki dropped a major bomb on her pal JWoww during the first season of "Snooki & JWoww" when she revealed she was pregnant, but now it's JWoww's turn to turn the tables on her bestie.

Season two of the MTV series will not only follow Snooki as she embarks on domestic life, but also JWoww, who will let viewers in on her engagement to beau Roger Mathews this season.

"The engagement will be [on the show], which is exciting," JWoww told MTV News ahead of Tuesday's (January 8) premiere. "Everyone can see Lorenzo being born and my engagement, which is insane, and hopefully the wedding will be a part of the third."

But, this season isn't just about JWoww and Roger, it's also about Snooki welcoming her son, Lorenzo, into the world. Fans will be there as she meets her bundle of joy for the first time. "You're gonna see Lorenzo being born and my last month of pregnancy, which was brutal," Snooki teased. "You're gonna see me suffering and then you see Lorenzo, like his first month. And you see Jenni get engaged, so there's a lot of stuff going on [including] my first night going out since not drinking in 10 months, so that was crazy. So you're gonna see a lot on the next season."

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And while "Jersey Shore" fans are used to seeing Snooki party like there's no tomorrow, she found that partying post-pregnancy meant a different tolerance level for the reality starlet. "The first night drinking, I was drunk off one sip of sangria, so it was crazy and all my girlfriends from home came, like my best friends that are going to be in my wedding, so having all your BFs and drinking, it was a crazy girls' night."

This season is also different as the longtime roomies are no longer living together. "I was living at home with [my fiancé] Jionni, she was living at home. So we didn't see each other every day. It's kind of like the 'Housewives' version, where you see what's going on at my house and then you go to her house, but we still got together."

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