Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants 'Conan' To Be A 'Spectacle'

'You have to give them great entertainment,' 'Last Stand' star said of action fans' need for 'sophisticated' movies.

Now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is finished with his political career as the Governor of California, he's taken a place back in movie-making land, i.e., the place where we first got to know him and love him as the hulky action star he is. His first leading role is in "The Last Stand," followed by a slew of other action-oriented projects, one of which is his return to the comic book character he made famous in the '80s: Conan the Barbarian.

When MTV News caught up with Schwarzenegger (alongside co-star Johnny Knoxville) recently during a press day for "Last Stand," we asked him for an update on the plans for the third film, "The Legend of Conan."

"I'm excited [about it] because I've been hyping the idea to Universal Studios for quite some time," Schwarzenegger said. "The important thing with the 'Conan' project is to make it into an A-movie that they treat it like a '300' or any of those great movies, rather than a B-movie where they hack a few heads off, a few limbs off and run around with a sword."

He went on to say that he wants to deliver a superior action film for the modern educated audiences who want to see smart and well-made action movies.

"The audience and the fans are very sophisticated. They've seen all the 'Spider-Man' and 'Superman' and 'Iron Man' [movies] and the 'Expendables' as regular action movies. They've seen it all," Schwarzenegger said. "So when they see a 'Conan' movie coming, they demand a spectacle. That's what we tried to do with 'Last Stand' — to give them the car chases, cars going 200 mph, racing through cornfields, crazy stuff you haven't seen before. You have to give them great entertainment."

Finally, in thinking about all the Schwarzenegger star vehicles that are supposedly being brought to life, via revamped films and/or sequels, we asked the man behind them all which movie character he most wants to revisit among the "Terminator" franchise, "Conan" and "Triplets."

"I think all three of them — 'Terminator,' 'Conan' and 'Triplets,' the sequel to 'Twins' — I think all three of those are potentially huge movies and could be successful," he admitted. "The key thing is that they're written well they're directed by great directors, hopefully for one of those films I can get Johnny back."

Knoxville, who had been listening intently to his "Last Stand" co-star, nodded in agreement. "I would love it."

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