One Direction 'Kiss You'... And Each Other In Latest Video

The guys promised MTV News 'pure stupidity' in their latest video, and they definitely followed through.

One Direction's newest music video for "Kiss You" has everything a Directioner could ever dream of. And, yes, that does include the guys shirtless and some handsy moments between Zayn and Harry.

The video, released Monday (January 7), has no real story line but does imagine the guys as 20th-century heartthrobs, from a simpler time when Elvis' gyrating hips caused a stir.

While the guys aren't stirring any pots, they are having a good time in the clip, directed by Vaughan Arnell, the man who brought you the "Live While We're Young" and "Little Things" videos. The three-minute video finds the guys tangled up in some wacky shenanigans and escapades, all for the sake of comedy, paying homage to the heartthrobs your grandparents swooned over back in the day.

Ahead of the premiere, the guys made it clear that silliness would rule in the video. "Pure stupidity," Louis Tomlinson shared about what fans should expect in the clip, with Liam Payne chiming in with, "Yes, loads of fun. Stupid dancing, loads of different locations and lots of fun."

And there is certainly all of that in the video. It opens with the guys riding a motorcycle (that somehow fits Zayn, Harry and Liam) and a vintage convertible (for Louis and Niall), carousing down the open road projected behind them, as they sing the flirty opening lines of the song. And by nearly 40 seconds into the video, when Harry touches Zayn's chest during the line "So tell me girl/ If every time we touch/ You get this kind of rush," all bets are off. It's clear the guys are out to make viewers laugh at their every interaction with each other.

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When they aren't jokingly mugging for the camera, the guys (and their clones) are transported to the cell block where Elvis famously crooned "Jailhouse Rock." They go pretend skiing and shimmy around shirtless as they surf in a fake ocean. They even don Hawaiian shirts and sailor uniforms doing macho-man poses. Nothing about the video is meant to be serious, and the set-ups are as bouncy and colorful as the song's tempo and vibe.

As if there aren't enough replay moments in the video — Harry covering his nipples, Zayn swimming away from a shark — one moment really does stand out. At the end of the video, two of the guys actually share a kiss. That's right, Zayn plants one of Harry's cheek as the video comes to a close. It's the kind of moment fan fiction is built on.

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