One Direction's 'Kiss You' Director Spills Yet Another Tease

'It's as you've never seen the boys before,' Vaughan Arnell talks to MTV News about Monday's video premiere.

One Direction will find themselves tangled up in many an old-school Hollywood shenanigan when they drop their kooky clip for "Kiss You" on Monday (January 7).

With the guys set to dress up like the "Jailhouse Rock" version of Elvis, rocking get-ups only worn by old-school sailors and riding around in vintage fast cars and on a motorcycle that curiously manages to fit three-fifths of the band on it, it seems that laughs will abound in the video.

While we've been teased, the teases aren't giving us enough details about the "pure stupidity" of the video. So, since we are very inquisitive about what exactly will go down in the "Kiss You" video, MTV News spoke to director Vaughan Arnell and he had some major dish for all the Directioners out there hankering for some scoop ahead of next week's video premiere.

"The ultimate tease, I think it's as you've never seen the boys before, kind of studio-based. I wouldn't say comedy, it's all tongue-in-cheek," he shared. Arnell previously worked with the fellas on their two other Take Me Home visuals, "Live While We're Young" and "Little Things." So he was totally prepared for this next project and to capture the guys in a whole new way.

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"And I think in the past, the boys have always been outside, it's always been kind of quite location-based, and this is the first studio-based idea I've done with them," he continued, calling it a "departure." "And as a tease you're going to see them dressed as Hollywood [stars], you're going to see them dressed as '50s sailors, you got the boys surfing. There's a lot going on in this one, so as a tease, it's as you've never seen the boys before."

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