One Direction Can Help Ed Sheeran Go From Shabby To Chic

After Sheeran topped GQ's Worst-Dressed list, MTV News thinks he should take some fashion pointers from 1D.

Given that he usually dresses like an underclassman running late for his 8:15 "Introduction to British Literature" class, it's not surprising to learn that Ed Sheeran was just voted the Worst-Dressed Man of 2012 by the folks at British GQ.

After all, with his impressive collection of hoodies, T-shirts and, uh, long-sleeved T-shirts, the eternally-rumpled Sheeran was a shoo-in to top the list, though we'd like to believe things didn't have to turn out this way. After all, he runs with a pretty stylish crew ... including the fashion-forward fellas in One Direction.

And while we're certainly not ones to talk about fashion (there are five people wearing Forever Lazys in the MTV Newsroom right now), we feel it's our duty to help get Sheeran off the Worst-Dressed list in 2013, namely by taking some sartorial suggestions from the guys of 1D. The skinny jeans and button-ups are a given, of course, but here are five unique style points from Harry, Zayn, Louis and the other two dudes, each of which Sheeran can use to go from busted to bespoke this year.

Harry's Hair

The mane so magnificent it made Taylor Swift mental, Harry's epically tousled hair has quickly become the stuff of legend. So what better way for Sheeran to update his look than to ditch the ginge and adopt Styles' signature locks? Shoot, we know his songwriting partner Swift would approve of the look.

Zayn's Tattoos

He's got no shortage of ink, but it's Zayn's rather prominent "ZAP!" tat that we think would look best on Sheeran (who, it should be noted, also has plenty of tattoos). Why? Maybe it's because Malik's is written in a decidedly comic-book friendly font, and, well, Sheeran sort of looks like a guy who'd work at a comic book store. Also, it can't be any worse than the Heinz ketchup tattoo he's already got.

Niall's Braces

Not since the glory days of Gwen Stefani has a member of the pop elite so proudly — and prominently — displayed orthodontia like Niall has (and, no, Kathy Beth Terry doesn't count), so while Sheeran's already got a pretty nice set of teeth, we figure it couldn't hurt to slap on a set of braces ... even if they are the wussy clear kind.

Louis' Suspenders

Okay, so we've already covered the other 1D members' hair and tattoos, so basically all we have left for Louis is his love of suspenders (or braces back in the UK). Because, man does he wear them a lot. And while we suspect their primary function is fashion, Sheeran can also use them to hold up his baggy jeans. Or baggy shorts. Either way.

Liam's Cardigans

Googling "Liam Payne Cardigan" turns up more than 8 million results, which means that he's officially overtaken Drake as the world's foremost knit-shirt enthusiast. Equal parts dressy and messy, a cardigan would be the perfect way for Sheeran to punch up his fashion while still looking like he could care less about doing so.

What do you think of our Ed Sheeran makeover? Let us know in the comments below.