MTV's 'Buckwild' Stars Throw Punches, Get Evicted... All In First Episode

It didn't take long for the nine mud-loving, four-wheel-riding friends to rustle up a fight in Thursday night's brand-new series.

MTV has officially gone wild... "Buckwild" that is. The brand-new series kicked off Thursday, taking over the "Jersey Shore" timeslot, and much like its predecessor, fans were treated to crazy antics and fist fights — but with a southern twang and a lot of mud.

During the premiere episode, viewers were introduced to nine twentysomething West Virginia childhood friends, who have already sparked some political controversy with hobbies such as "mudding," four-wheeling and, of course, partying.

On Thursday's episode, Cara, Katie and Anna, moved in together in an attempt to trade in the country life for city life, but things quickly took a turn for the worse as their neighbors frequently called the police over noise violations. Instead of quieting down, these girls, with the help of Southern belle Shae, decided to throw a summer bash.

It didn't take long for the neighbors to catch on and their attempt at ending the festivities resulted in our first fight of the season, proving to viewers that you should never mess with Anna, or her parties.

"I've known Anna since I was 4 years old and I know she has a horrible temper. And watching the footage back, that fight, I was surprised. I was impressed because she usually snaps like that," Shae recently told MTV News. "And I think she handled herself very well she was clearly pushed to her limits and was just going to snap at anyone. If anyone gets in her face she's going to snap at them."

Shain added, "And I didn't want to be around, I'm going the other way when she gets mad. I'm tucking my tail and running like a little puppy dog."

Unfortunately for the girls, the party ended for them because they were unsurprisingly evicted from their home.

"I thought it was pretty awesome that they got kicked out because it brought them to the country," Shain said. "I didn't have to go to the city to get my flirt on."

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