How Trey Songz Invented Sex, Then Slashed Into 'Texas Chainsaw 3D'

The singer talks to MTV news about breaking into acting with the horror sequel, opening Friday.

The man who "Invented Sex" and gave a legion of fans a "Heart Attack" with his vocals will flex his muscles in a new (much bloodier) genre. Hip-hop singer Trey Songz is making his feature-film debut Friday (January 4) in the slasher sequel "Texas Chainsaw 3D." For Songz, the decision to grace the silver screen wasn't made on a razor's edge.

"I've always had an appreciation for acting, and I had a desire to act and live out that dream that I think everyone has," Songz told MTV News from the set of the John Luessenhop-directed film. "It was all about the right role and the right time and the right direction — the right director. And this came at the perfect time."

Songz freed up a three-week swath of time while recording his latest album, Chapter V, during which he filmed his turn as Ryan, the boyfriend of Alexandra Daddario's Heather.

"It's not too much pressure for me, but it's enough to get my chops up," Songz said, adding that the tight schedule didn't even allow for time with an acting coach. But no matter, seeing as his co-stars were more than willing to give him any guidance he needed.

"The cast has been great in helping me as a new actor just with whatever skills they use or whatever methods they use — how to navigate in certain situations," Songz explained. "It's been great working with these guys because they've been doing it for a while although they're still young and very fresh faces. They've been very helpful."

It didn't hurt either that Songz has plenty of experience in front of the camera, shooting music videos for numerous singles, like "Never Again" and "Dive In."

"Nothing is really ever what you expect it to be in entertainment," Songz said of his time on the "Texas Chainsaw 3D" set. "You kind of have a knowledge for what it's going to be as far as I've shot a million videos, but this is like a video every day for however many days. The thought process that goes into some of the scenes I'm in — it's my first time, so this is new for me and a lot of it is definitely unexpected."

Songz will next appear in the romantic comedy "Baggage Claim," starring Paula Patton and Adam Brody.