Nicholas Hoult Eats Your Heart Out In Exclusive 'Warm Bodies' Set Visit

MTV News chats with the zombie who has you longing for the human he once was.

MONTREAL — When thinking of a true romantic movie, they usually end with a woman falling in love with a prince charming, a knight in shining armor or even now a vampire. Yet, there's one more we can now add to that list, a brain-eating zombie. Sounds appealing, right?

Well, if you've seen the recent stills or caught the first four minutes of "Warm Bodies" you might agree. Director Jonathan Levine's adaptation of the Isaac Marion novel tells the tale of a zombie romance taking place in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies rule the undead.

The story follows R, played by Nicholas Hoult, as he develops a special relationship with a human. MTV News visited the set of "Warm Bodies" and in addition to getting a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film, we talked with R himself (in full zombie attire) who divulged on the premise of the flick.

"The zombies live in this airport, the humans have made a safe area in the city and one day I go on a hunting mission," Hoult said. "I kill one and eat his brains and relive his memory, and it turns out he was the boyfriend of Julie Grigo's, Teresa Palmer's character, and then I decide I quite like her and I want to keep her safe."

"Warm Bodies," which hits theatres February 1, clearly isn't your typical scary zombie movie, filled with romance and comedy, but according to Palmer, there are still some walking dead encounters that will satiate the die-hard zombie lover's appetite.

"When you think of zombie movies you think of R-rated, everyone eating brains, blood and gore, craziness like that," Palmer said. "In our film, it's great because we sort of get the best of both worlds and we get to see that typical zombie genre, but then there's also a lot more emotional depth to our film and there's a love story and these zombies they were once real people and they still have the same feelings and thoughts, especially R. He's a beautiful soul and we always try to think about what he would have been like as a human and he would have been the guy that you want to marry."

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