Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes His 'Last Stand' In Exclusive Clip

'Terminator' star returns to the blockbuster arena in January with 'The Last Stand,' and MTV News has an exclusive sneak peek!

As he always promised, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back — but these days, he's a little worse for wear.

The former Governor of California returns to his rightful place as a blockbuster legend with the upcoming action movie "The Last Stand," in theaters on January 17. In his first non-"Expendables" role since leaving office, Schwarzenegger stars as Ray Owens, once an LAPD legend, but now the sheriff of a quiet border town called Sommerton Junction. Just when he thought he'd seen enough action, Owens finds himself sucked back into a violent and deadly situation when notorious drug kingpin and fugitive Gabriel Cortez races directly for the border with hostages in tow, with one goal in mind: getting south of the border and ridding himself of U.S. law enforcement. To do that, he'll have to pass through Sommerton Junction and face the full weight of a group of officers, including the sleepy Owens.

Lifelong experience busting bad guys aside, Owens is in for a rude awakening when "The Last Stand" picks up. MTV News has an exclusive clip from the movie, featuring Schwarzenegger back in the action hero grind — but to say that he's seen better days is a serious understatement.

The clip sees Owens trapped inside of an abandoned school bus, taking enemy fire from a nearby rooftop. With no end in sight to the assault, Owens has to take matters into his own hands. First, his fellow officer Sarah Torrance ("Thor" star Jaimie Alexander) tells him exactly where the assault is coming from. Then, with covering fire provided by his allies, Owens breaks free from the bus and makes a run for it, miraculously dodging bullet-fire along the way. His final stop: crashing through a diner window, rolling onto the floor, and wearily picking himself up from the pile of broken glass. The diners gaze upon Owens in stunned silence, until the cashier finally speaks up.

"How are you, sheriff?" he asks innocently enough.

Groaning and exhausted, Owens sits up and spits out the perfect answer for the character as well as the actor: "Old."

Directed by Kim Jee-Woon and co-starring Johnny Knoxville and Genesis Rodriguez, "The Last Stand" speeds into theaters on January 17, 2013.

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