MTV Movie Brawl 2013: Coming Soon To An Arena Near You

The brawl for it all is back! Iron Man, Superman and more throw down in the can't-miss movie tournament of 2013!

What do Katniss Everdeen, Tony Stark, Captain Kirk and Bilbo Baggins all have in common? They're all starring in upcoming blockbusters — and they're all fighting for their lives (or at least their reputations) in this year's MTV Movie Brawl.

For the second year in a row, the MTV Movies team proudly presents the MTV Movie Brawl 2013, a month-long tournament that seeks to answer the all-important question: what's the can't-miss movie of the coming year?

Here's how it works: on January 7, fans will vote for the movies they're most excited to see in 2013 based on our play-in round. The following week, the list pares down to 16 as we open the full-fledged MTV Movie Brawl bracket for voting. Those 16 flicks will go head-to-head in a single-elimination tournament lasting until January 28, when only one winner will emerge with the biggest brawls of them all.

In 2012, the inaugural MTV Movie Brawl ended in a climactic showdown between "Hunger Games" loyalists and supporters of Robert Pattinson's "Cosmopolis." You wouldn't guess it looking at the box office numbers for those films, but it was "Cosmopolis" that emerged victorious, showing just how much fan dedication matters in a tournament like this.

Thankfully for Katniss, "Hunger Games" fans have another shot at redemption in this year's tournament, with "Catching Fire" hitting theaters in November. But the sequel faces stiff competition from superhero juggernauts like "Iron Man 3," "Man of Steel," "The Wolverine" and "Thor: The Dark World." Likewise, a whole slew of young adult novels are getting the film adaptation treatment this year, including "Warm Bodies," "Beautiful Creatures," "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" and "The Host," penned by "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer.

And those are just the highlights.

In short, anything can and will happen during the MTV Movie Brawl. It's anybody's game — but only one can emerge as the winner of the brawl for it all.

MTV Movie Brawl 2013 Voting Schedule:

1/7: Play-in Round Begins

1/14: Sweet 16

1/17: Elite 8

1/21: Final 4

1/25: Final 2

1/28: The Winner Revealed!

Who will win the brawl for it all? Your must-see movie needs your support. It's time to show character, poise and heart. Vote for your picks in the MTV Movie Brawl 2013!