Cassidy's Beef With Meek Mill Is 'Not Personal'

'I don't wanna see anything happen to him,' Cassidy tells MTV News.

Cassidy and Meek Mill have been throwing words at each other via Twitter for the past few months, with the tension culminating in the release of Meek's "Repo" dis track last week (a scathing response to Cass' "Me, Myself & iPhone").

And although things have gotten pretty nasty, Cassidy told MTV News it was never personal.

"It's not personal beef. I don't wanna see anything happen to him or anybody around him," Cassidy explained. "I'm just competitive and I take my music seriously. At first I was gonna leave it alone. I thought he wanted to battle me, like he was calling me out, but when I found out he wasn't, I left it alone — until he started tweeting certain things about me and being disrespectful."

Fans initially saw the Philadelphia rappers exchange words back in July, when Cassidy retweeted followers who were questioning Meek's loyalty after signing his MMG deal. Meek didn't let the jab go unnoticed, but it seemed to be a one-off spat until rumors of a battle surfaced again in November.

"I got a phone call saying that Meek Mill wanted to battle me, and I thought with me being on the level I'm on and Meek Mill having a certain type of fanbase, it'd be good for hip-hop," Cassidy said. "I feel like hip-hop is not focused on bars and being competitive anymore, but it's slowly going back to where it originated, so I wanted to play a large part in bringing it back where it needed to be. I thought it'd be a big battle for hip-hop, so I agreed to do it."

Turns out, Meek was actually advocating for Cassidy to battle Murda Mook, but things took an ugly turn here. "After he said that he didn't wanna battle me and that it was a misunderstanding, I left it alone, and that's when [fans saw] what [they] saw on Twitter.

"I didn't wanna make it a real beef or anything like that," he added. "I felt like if we had anything to say to each other, we could put it in a rap battle and prove to the streets who's really the best, who really run the city that we're both from and who's qualified to be talking crazy. That's all it was about."

Instead of facing off in a good old-fashioned rap battle, they traded disses via YouTube, with Cass dropping "Me, Myself & iPhone" and Meek finally responding with "Repo," which might have permanently changed the dynamic of their relationship.

"He used to call my phone all the time, asking me to hear his music. I actually used to help him write his raps and give him information back in the day, but ever since he got his deal, things changed," Cassidy said. "He stopped calling me, stopped communicating, stopped doing records together — it's like he was a whole different type of person. I reached out a couple times, I don't know if he was just busy or if he just changed, but it wasn't exactly the same as before he [got a deal].

"I know how it is, because I've been on for over 10 years, so I know how it can be sometimes, especially when you're having your first run and a lot of attention is on you, so I didn't feel no type of way about it," he continued. "That's not the reason this battle thing came about, but at the end of the day, I do feel as though it's not how it used to be before he got on."

So is there any chance of these two working together again? Cass seems to have mixed feelings about it. "It depends on the situation and how he approaches it, but if that's something the public would be interested in and it'd be beneficial for both us, I wouldn't have no problem doing it," he said, going on to express doubt. "But I feel as though where it's at and how we're talking right now, there's a slim chance of that happening.

"I don't think I'll do a song [with him] again unless he really apologized for the things that he did, the things that he said," he added. "He dropped 'Repo' being real disrespectful, spreading a lot of lies about me, so unless he apologized and I feel as though it's a sincere apology, I don't think I'll do a song with him."

Battles aside, Cassidy is currently working on a new mixtape and an album, which he plans to roll out this year. Stay tuned for a new single in the coming weeks.