‘Star Wars’: George Lucas Sheds Light On Future Of Franchise

Lucas sits down with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy to discuss 'Episode VII' and what they're looking for in a director.

Since the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney last year, the only steady stream of official information about any new “Star Wars” movies has come from a lengthy interview with George Lucas and new president Kathleen Kennedy, which was released in short clips periodically on YouTube. The topics of conversation ranged from how Kennedy and Lucas first met to juicier items like what the future holds for the company.

Now, the fifth and final segment of the conversation is online, and it features the current and former heads of Lucasfilm discussing the transition into the next phase of the company. While they don’t come out and say who’s directing “Episode VII” &#8212 though they really should — hearing what Kennedy has to say about the future should please concern fans.

We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting quotes from each segment to give you a sense of the main points of the talk.

Plans for the Future of “Star Wars”
“We are absolutely going to make [more ’Star Wars’] movies, and we’re in the midst of the really fun part of the process, which is we’re sitting down with a couple of writers, and we’re starting to discuss ideas, and we’re starting to talk about what those stories might be.” — Kathleen Kennedy

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