James Bond In 'Skyfall': Top 10 Moments Of 2012

The world's greatest spy had his biggest year ever, and we were there for all of it.

Since 2012 was arguably the year of the superhero, we would like to put forward James Bond as one of those seemingly invincible good guys. Celebrating 50 years on the silver screen with the latest entry "Skyfall," the James Bond series has literally never been stronger, especially in the hands of current 007 Daniel Craig.

We followed the progress of "Skyfall" every step of the way, even heading to England to visit the set, but nothing could prepare us for the massive reception the world's greatest spy received when the 23rd adventure hit theaters and proved that Bond will always return.

Here is your look back at the exciting year that was James Bond in 2012.

A Visit to Pinewood

Not long after director Sam Mendes introduced us to the title "Skyfall" and the outrageously talented cast, MTV News was one of the first to visit the set of the 23rd Bond adventure. At the legendary Pinewood Studios, Christina Garibaldi spoke with Craig and Bardem about what audiences could expect from Bond's 50th anniversary.


We couldn't let Bond's golden anniversary pass without an epic look back at all he has accomplished, and the only way to do that properly was to go through each of the films, one-by-one, to see how each holds up. The result was a 22-week submersion into all things 007, something we called the "Bond-a-Thond." Each week, we broke down one Bond flick by the numbers, tabulating all of the women he bedded, enemies he dispensed, and even cigarettes he smoked. It was a lot of Bond and even more fun.

The First Teaser

Our first glimpse of "Skyfall" started with a little word association. We didn't know it at the time, but Bond had to undergo psychological evaluations to rejoin MI6, something that stirred up some bad memories. What does "Skyfall" mean? It was the first of many mysteries that we'd have to wait months, but was it ever worth it!

Bond Girls Women

One of the things that made the wait for "Skyfall" more tolerable was the regular behind-the-scenes production diaries that would give us the slightest peek at what Mendes, Craig, and company had in store for us. One of our favorites introduced the two new ladies of "Skyfall," Naomie Harris as Eve and Berenice Marlohe as Severine.

A Villain to Die For

During our set visit, before we fully knew of the genius Bardem was working in front of the camera, the actor hinted at a more complex villain than we were used to. "I never pretend to be the best Bond villain ever, that would be too much to think of yourself," he said. "I think the character—it's complex—he's not an easy guy. He's not only a villain, it's more than that, hopefully, that's what we tried to achieve."

Adele Lets the Sky Fall

It may have been the worst kept secret on Her Majesty's secret service, but we were no less thrilled when Adele officially announced her theme song for "Skyfall." The ballad harkened back to the classic Shirley Bassey tunes that defined the Bond theme song and worked as a loving tribute to the musical tradition.

The Bond Style

Who is Bond without the clothes? We spoke with the "Skyfall" costume designer Jany Temime to get the inside scoop on how the distinctive look of the clothes came together on screen. From Silva's white suit coat to the tattoo-like embroidery on Severine's casino dress, Temime walked us through each of the film's most iconic looks.

Bigger Than Ever

For a movie that almost didn't get made, "Skyfall" has surpassed all box office expectations by a mile. Currently sitting just under the $1 billion mark worldwide, the 23rd Bond movie was by far the highest grossing of the series, and it still hasn't come out in China yet.

Goodnight, Mum

The finale of "Skyfall" also brought about the end of an era. After seven movies as 007's boss, Dame Judi Dench said good-bye to the series and put her M to rest. "It was sad. It was very sad, but quite right in the end, right that that should have happened really. I think she got her comeuppance. You knew why," Dench told MTV News. "I hope it's clear about the reason for it all. Exciting to do."

The Future of 007

After such an exciting new installment, fans were no doubt eager for the next Bond movie. When we spoke with Craig about "Bond 24," he suggested it would be sooner rather than later. "That was too long last time, although I quite enjoyed the gap, but it's too long," he said. "As long as we've got the script and we're ready to go, there's no reason why we can't start shooting."