Ned Rocknroll: Who Is The New Mr. Winslet?

In light of Kate Winslet's surprise wedding, we dig up all we can find on the man with a rockstar name.

Just when everyone thought the genre was dead and gone, a man named Rocknroll proved otherwise when he wifed up one of the most celebrated women in Hollywood.

When the news spread on Thursday (December 27) that Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet was married, it wasn't the fact that her "Titanic" co-star Leonardo DiCaprio gave her away that shocked the Internet world. Instead, it was the mere name of Hubby #3: Ned Rocknroll.

Winslet has a pretty impressive resume, having married some of the best directors in Hollywood and dated models. So just who is this Rocknroll fellow? MTV News did some hard-hitting research to find out just what made him worthy of Kate.

He's Really Rich

Rocknroll is the nephew of billionaire mogul Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group and, according to Forbes, the fourth-richest citizen of the United Kingdom. We're assuming it's not mere coincidence that Rocknroll is an executive for Virgin Galactic, a space flight venture for the wealthy likes of Ashton Kutcher. Maybe that's why his family can afford a mansion on Necker Island, where Winslet first sparked romance rumors when she vacationed there with Rocknroll in August 2011.

He Wasn't Born a Rockstar

As it turns out, Rocknroll isn't his real name. In fact, he was born under the relatively ordinary name of Ned Abel Smith. But in 2008, he legally changed his name. "The whole thing was about having fun with your name," his ex-wife Eliza Pearson told the U.K.'s The Daily Mail after their breakup in 2011. "He thought we all took ourselves too seriously so it was about reacting against it."

He's "Unusual"

Like his new wife, this isn't Rocknroll's first time at the altar. He was married for two years to Pearson, a British socialite and heiress. According to The Daily Mail, a Shaman officiated the ceremony and tied the couple's hands together with rope. They then celebrated on the beach with Ugandan dancers in an adult-sized McDonalds-esque play pen complete with plastic balls. "What drew me to Ned was that he was unusual," Pearson told the paper after their breakup. Sounds like it.