'Magic Mike': Top 10 Moments Of 2012

From the nudity to the 'penis puppetry,' we look back at our favorite things about the Channing Tatum-led male-stripper movie.

Although the end of the holiday season and the year is rapidly approaching, we're still feeling festive and thankful for all the gifts that Hollywood bestowed upon us this year. Movie-wise, there is so much to be thankful for that we've spread our love over different categories including favorite films and characters, the long goodbye to "Twilight" and more.

Going back to our feeling festive and grateful for all the cinematic treats we received this year, there is one movie that hit a particular sweet spot with its delicious and delightful combination of eye candy, humor and originality: "Magic Mike." Here are the 10 most titillating things we experienced courtesy of the magic of "Mike" in the last year.

Most Man-tastic Movie Ever?

It's not every day that we can get excited about a film based solely on its cast and director. When "Magic Mike" began to take shape via a series of strategic casting announcements that included so many of our favorite leading men plus an Oscar-winning director in Steven Soderbergh, we were completely sold on the project and named it our no. 4 most anticipated film of 2012.


We welcomed the start of 2012 with a set of provocative production photos from the film, anchored by a group shot of the guys doing a patriotic dance, followed by a slew of sexy stills that showcased the stars' most marketable, man-tastic, ab-solute goodness.

Naked Tease

Because "Magic Mike" is a movie about male strippers, it was easy for us to assume/hope that we'd be seeing the eye-catching cast in various states of undress, but we didn't know for sure how much skin would be shown until a few chance encounters with leading men Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and Joe Manganiello. And although Tatum claimed that ladies have the whole looking-great-while-being-naked thing down way better than men, we were promised that everyone is "pretty damn naked" in the film.

The First Magical Trailer

It was a long time comin', but when at long last we got our eyes on the first full-length trailer for "Magic Mike," it was a welcome treat. People are always talking about the power of the visual medium and such, and those first two minutes of footage were exactly that: pretty and powerful. We even enlisted a few experts — real male strippers — to give us their professional opinions and inside scoop about what the trailer was selling.

Sneak Peek Week Surprises

We were very lucky to be able to include "Magic Mike" in our annual Sneak Peek Week ahead of the MTV Movie Awards, and as such, invited stars Tatum and McConaughey to come chat about the film and reveal a few behind-the-scenes secrets. Once again the subject of male nudity was addressed, which all the castmembers were happy to embrace/showcase with aplomb, but we also learned that in the midst of the glitz and glamour we associated with being male strippers, there was a dark and painful element: manscaping. Specifically, how McConaughey's encounter with hot wax left him in tears.

On Thongs And Male Objectification

Another talking point for the castmembers was the technical difficulties involved in their barely there stripper ensembles, along with the fact that the men actually enjoyed prancing around in some of the scandalous outfits. But the best of the stripper outfit commentary came courtesy of Tatum — who actually spent time as a male stripper — when he regaled us with stories of dressing up like a Boy Scout and a clown. All this talk about body parts and scandalous outfits did make us think that the cast might eventually feel uncomfortable about all the objectification, but they told us not to worry and assured us that male objectification doesn't really exist.

Discussing The Art Of Penis Puppetry

After months and months of anticipation, we finally reached the release week of "Magic Mike," and with it came one last opportunity to chat with the cast about very specific elements in the film, like a hilarious scene in which Manganiello's character, Big Dick Richie, is shown using a penis pump to get himself ready before his solo dance. When we asked the gentlemen about that scene, they all cited it as one of the most hilarious and definitive moments in the film because of how serious Manganiello is in doing the pumping and how the rest of the cast had to act like nothing out of the ordinary was going on around them.

JGL's "SNL" Striptease Showstopper

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and never have we been more excited to see an imitation of something than when Joseph Gordon-Levitt performed his own "Magic Mike"-inspired routine when he hosted "Saturday Night Live." In addition to the celebratory fact that "Mike" had officially found its way into the cultural zeitgeist by being featured on "SNL," Gordon-Levitt totally and completely wowed the crowd (and later the Internet) with his impressive dance skills and body rolls. It was enough to start a campaign for him to be in the sequel. ...

Everyone Wants A Sequel

Once "Magic Mike" proved to be a well-received, critically acclaimed hit, people started buzzing about how we could get the whole band back together again for a sequel. The good news was that all the castmembers we spoke with were up for another dance. The bad news is that director Steven Soderbergh won't be back, a fact that has cooled the conversation a bit. Still, we hold out hope, even if the return of "Magic Mike" comes to us in the form of a musical.

"Magic" At The MTV Movie Awards

The MTV Movie Awards have a reputation for showcasing the best of what Hollywood has to offer via the most non-traditional and unique of award shows. This year's celebration was no exception, especially when "Mike" guys Tatum, McConaughey and Joe Manganiello presented the award for "Best Onscreen Transformation" and turned winner Elizabeth Banks into a blushing, breathless mess before Manganiello scooped her up and carried her offstage.

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