'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki Has Been Celebrating Christmas 'For Two Months'

'Jersey Shore' star reveals to MTV News, 'I did all my shopping in November, because I was so excited.'

The party might be over for the housemates of the "Jersey Shore," since the emotional final episode aired Thursday, but that hasn't dampened their holiday spirits.

MTV News recently caught up with some of the housemates, who shared how they will be spending the remainder of this holiday season.

"I love the holidays. It's a big thing," Sammi told MTV News. "So, we'll spend it with our families and friends."

Snooki and her fiancé, Jionni LaValle, will be celebrating this Christmas as first-time parents to son Lorenzo, who was born in August. Yet, Snooki isn't stressing about any last-minute shopping gifts for her new addition: She has been waiting and prepared for Christmas for a while already.

"I did all my shopping in November, because I was so excited," Snooki revealed. "Decorations have been up since November, so even before Thanksgiving, so I've been having Christmas for two months now."

Snooki won't have too much time to rest after the Christmas holiday since she and best friend JWoww will be hosting "MTV's Club NYE 2013," which will air from Times Square in New York on Monday, December 31, at 11 p.m. ET.

As for Snooki's partner-in-crime, Deena, she is planning on spending the holiday with her long-time boyfriend, Chris.

"Chris actually spent Thanksgiving with me, so this Christmas Eve, I'm kinda making a switch and gonna go with his family," Deena said. "So, I'm excited about that, and then Christmas Day, I'm just going to be with my family, exchanging gifts."

Vinny added, "You will never catch me at my girl's Christmas party. I'm not giving up that meal; it only happens once a year."