Fun. Will Only Get 'A Taste' Of Christmas

Imagine Dragons and Grouplove also chat with MTV News about their holiday plans.

Ho, ho, ho! The holidays are upon us and that means that, just like you, it's time for celebrities to also head home to visit their families. So, with Christmas Eve just one day away, we caught up with some of your favorite rock acts who dished to us all about their holiday plans.

"We've been on the road nonstop this is our only time with our families, so probably play like board games with the family," Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons told MTV News. He's not the only guy in the band who feels that family time is the right way to spend this Christmas.

Wayne Sermon continued, "We've kind of neglected our families for the past three years so we have some making up to do I think."

And, bassist Ben McKee has the perfect gift in mind when he finally sees his family. He said, "I think I might have to knit my mom a scarf."


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While the Imagine Dragons crew will kick it with their families this holiday, Grouplove have a very different philosophy when it comes to the holidays. "Maybe I'll go to Vegas," guitarist Christian Zucconi shared. "Our families get pissed because we don't go see them. We just stick as a band and go to Vegas."

But that's not the only unconventional way they celebrate the season. Hannah Hooper added, "Christian dresses up as a Christmas tree and just stands in one place and people bring him presents," she said of his holiday game plan.

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And while it's 'tis the season for many people, Fun.'s Jack Antonoff is a little bit more creative about his holiday plans, given his religious affiliation. "I am a Jew, so I like Christmas in a different way. In like, in that like being outside of the window at a party you're trying to get into it," he said. "So I'll spend Christmas with my girlfriend, who's also Jewish, but she's doing Christmas. So I'll get to have a taste."

How are you spending the holidays? Share your plans in the comments!