Troy Ave And DJ Holiday Gift-Wrap White Christmas For December 25

'It felt organic, it felt like I was doin' it an injustice by not calling it White Christmas,' Troy Ave tells Mixtape Daily.

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Artists: Troy Ave and DJ Holiday

Representing: Brooklyn

Mixtape: White Christmas

Real Spit: Troy Ave takes his hustle seriously and never takes days off, so on December 25 while most of us are off from work, the Brooklyn rap upstart will be delivering his latest tape White Christmas.

For the Yuletide-themed tape, Troy appropriately hooked up with DJ Holiday who screams his "Holiday Season" battle cry on tapes all year 'round for artists like Wiz Khalifa (Cabin Fever 2) and Gucci Mane Trap Back). "The reason why I named it White Christmas, it was originally supposed to be named Holiday Season and that just plays into the whole Troy Ave and DJ Holiday collab, but White Christmas just fit so well," Troy told Mixtape Daily alluding to his past in the streets where he's alleged to have peddled snow of a different kind.

White Christmas isn't all cocaine-laced however, on the Mac Miller-assisted "Chillin" Troy speaks of his summertime rendezvous. "Antisocial" is a goal-oriented, get-money ode where the rap rookie makes his aims very clear. "I ain't come here to socialize, I don't care if I know you guys/ One focus in between my eyes: get rich," he spits over the somber violin beat.

The DJ U-Neek-produced "Blanco" is a street-centered brag fest. "I Stevie Wonder 'bout n---as, three words for y'all/ Troy Ave that n---a, sweet and simple I ball," he raps.

Still, in the end it's the drug-infused raps where Troy makes his killing. "It felt organic, it felt like I was doin' it an injustice by not calling it White Christmas seeing as how I am Harry Powder," he said.

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