Busta Rhymes, Conglomerate Drop Catastrophic 'Heat' On New Mixtape

'If you're listening to this song right now, blessings, that means the world didn't end,' DJ Khaled says on new tape.

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Artists: Busta Rhymes, Reek da Villian and J-Doe

Mixtape: Catastrophic

Real Spit: Good thing the Mayans were wrong, because if their end-of-the-world prediction had been correct, hip-hop fans would've missed out on Catastrophic, the 17-track mixtape that Busta Rhymes and his Conglomerate group released on Friday (December 21).

"If you're listening to this song right now, blessings, that means the world didn't end. But this sh-- is Catastrophic," DJ Khaled says on the mixtape's intro song, "Catastrophe."

Busta Rhymes' catalog is filled with hits of all types. There are classic hip-hop tracks like "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See" and crossover favorites like the Mariah Carey-assisted "I Know What You Want." But with his new tape, he aims to add strictly street bangers to his already-celebrated discography.

"We were just like, you know what? We got all of this heat, let's just go in and do something fresh for the holidays," Bus told Mixtape Daily. "For Christmas, for New Year's, it's gonna be wild parties goin' on, everybody gonna be turnin' up. So this was just a thing that we felt was appropriate to do for the people to show our appreciation for the love and support."

For the tape, Busta, Reek da Villian and J-Doe flow over a number of well-known instrumentals, making them their own.

"It's very easy to just jump on another artist's track, where the idea's already laid out for you, and just throw your verses on it," Reek said. "We did this whole mixtape in about 72 hours."

The lyrical trio take on new favorites like Chief Keef's "Love Sosa" and Trinidad James' "All Gold Everything" as well as old-school bangers like Grand Puba's "360 Degrees." On "Poetic Justice," Busta recruits his old friend Q-Tip to spit over Kendrick Lamar's Janet Jackson-inspired banger of the same name. The difference is that the Native Tongue veterans actually have a real-life relationship with the music icon: Busta has worked with Jackson, and Q-Tip shared a more intimate moment when he kissed her on camera for the movie "Poetic Justice" back in 1993.

"This is our first collab in like six years. This is the first time me and Tip worked since The Big Bang album in '06, so y'all gonna enjoy that," Busta said.

Actually, fans should enjoy the entire tape. Whoever thought a catastrophe could be so good?

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