One Direction's Louis Tomlinson's Birthday Plans Include Niall Horan, 'Ted'

1D birthday boy tells MTV News he wants a 'chill' movie night.

There's no need to panic: There's still some time to get all of your shopping done, and, no, not for Christmas presents — for One Direction birthday boy Louis Tomlinson!

The 1D boy bander celebrates his 21st birthday on Christmas Eve, and after a year filled with two #1 albums, sold-out arena shows, screaming crowds of Directioners and being crowned MTV's Best Artist of 2012, Louis certainly has a lot to celebrate.

When MTV News caught up some of the group's biggest fans during One Direction's "Today" show concert in November, Directioners told us they would gift Louis everything from new red pants to socks, to carrots to a monkey.

So, what's on the birthday boy's wish list? Surprisingly, it's none of the above or a new tattoo, because it appears that all Louis wants is a relaxing birthday night, even if he is celebrating the big 2-1.

"It's quite a stress organizing a party," Tomlinson recently told MTV News. "I kinda just want to have a chill-out one, but for your 21st, you have to go all out, so I don't know."

Niall Horan didn't seem to approve of his bandmate's lack of enthusiasm surrounding his birthday, adding, "Just have a big party and invite me please, because I want to go."

It appears that Tomlinson doesn't disagree with that suggestion, but unfortunately for Harry, Liam and Zayn, this birthday party will only be for two.

"Niall, we will just have a party, me and you," Tomlinson said. "DVD night, plenty of popcorn."

Horan asked, "Can we watch 'Ted' and cry?"

According to the guys, it wouldn't be the first time they've shed a tear over "Ted."

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