'Jersey Shore' Star Vinny Debunks Mayan Apocalypse

Vinny tells MTV News that while the series is ending tonight, the world is not: 'There's no scientific evidence, actually.'

Sure, we're all just dancing till the world ends. But, "Jersey Shore" star Vinny insists that we'll probably still be able to dance tomorrow.

While there is a lot of worry, especially from his pal Deena, that someone might be on to something when it comes to this whole Mayan Apocalypse thing, Vinny is fairly certain that when the clock strikes midnight, we'll all be just fine.

"I'm just trying to stock up," Deena told MTV News, noting that she thinks there's a lot of evidence proving that any end of days theories floating around are true. "Not only 'cause it's the Mayans. If it were just the Mayans thing, it wouldn't really be bothering me, but they said all the planets are aligning. So I'm just preparing for all the power to go out, anything that might happen. I really wish I made enough money to make a bomb shelter, but that didn't happen."

Then, Vinny stepped in with words that seemed to calm her fears: "I can debunk everything. I'm a geek, so I kind of like know what's going to happen."

Vinny, whose scientific theories we can't prove as true or false, then explained what he knows about the apocalypse and why it won't happen.

"I'm no scientist, but pretty much this whole thing started, it was a money-making thing so that people can capitalize off it, make movies off of it and websites start to sell things like 'prepare for it' and things like that," he said. (Sounds reasonable to us so far).

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He continued, "But there's no scientific evidence, actually. You can't plan the end of the world without scientific evidence. The planets, they will sort of align but they did it a couple years ago, nothing happens. They always align with each other.

"There's no other planet coming towards us because we would actually see it, and the poles shifting, it takes like 1,000 years for the poles to reverse. It doesn't happen overnight. And then the Mayan calendar, just like our calendar ends end of December/January 1, theirs ends and a new one begins. Just the fact that there's a thousand different philosophies makes it not true."

Whether or not the world does end, what will definitely be over on December 21 is the "Jersey Shore." Tonight (December 20), the kids of Seaside will fist-pump for the last time as the show airs its series finale. Well, that kind of feels like the world ending to us.

The "Jersey Shore" series finale will air tonight (December 20) at 10 p.m. ET/PT, followed immediately by a live reunion special at 11 p.m. ET/PT.