Miguel Makes His Kaleidoscope Dream Come True On 'How I Made It'

R&B star tells his story of how his father helped him fall in love with music on 'This is How I Made It,' premiering Saturday at noon on MTV.

Grammy nominee Miguel didn't just have a breakout moment with his critically acclaimed album Kaleidoscope Dream, he had a breakout year, helping to revive R&B with his soulful sound and heart-melting lyrics.

It's been a long road for Miguel to get to this point, but come Grammy night, if Miguel is accepting his award, we are pretty confident that one of the people he will thank is his dad. On this week's episode of "This is How I Made It" premiering Saturday at noon, Miguel reveals that his father is the reason he fell in love with music.

"I had a happy childhood. We weren't well off by any means; my parents did their very best to provide for us," Miguel said. "My father is one of the coolest people I know. He was just always bringing broken instruments home from the swap meet or the flea market or what not. Three out of five pieces of a drum set, a guitar missing two strings; he just loved music, he wanted us to have fun, and I think that's where I fell in love with music. I wasn't playing with Legos; I was playing with a guitar."

At the time, Miguel didn't fully comprehend the struggles his parents went through to provide for him and his brother, but he shared that even though he didn't have a lot growing up, his home was always filled with love.

"When I think about not being well off or even middle class by any means, we still grew up and had a great time," Miguel said. "And you thank your parents because you wonder how they did it and you realize how amazing they are."

Now, at 27, Miguel reflects on those early days of playing music and how he even knew back then that he wasn't meant to do anything else. "When you're passionate about something, that's all you think about," Miguel said. "Even as a kid, I never imagined being anything else but a musician."

"This Is How I Made It" airs Saturdays at noon ET/PT on MTV.

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