Kanye West, J. Cole 'Blown Away' By Big Sean's Hall of Fame

'It's obviously the best work I've done and I'm excited about it,' boasts Sean to MTV News about his upcoming album.

Big Sean's fans aren't the only ones excited for next year's Hall of Fame album. The Detroit player has been playing the upcoming project for some of his closest and most famous pals like Kanye West.

"Everybody I've been playing it for has been shocked from rappers, from 'Ye. I played it for Cole, No I.D., Billboard magazine all these different people and everybody has just been blown away," Sean told MTV News shortly before he took the stage at Power 106's annual Cali Christmas concert in Los Angeles last Friday. "I'm not trying to hype it up or talk it up but it's obviously the best work I've done and I'm excited about it."

Already, Sean has dropped the first single, "Guap," and while the feel-good track is ripe for radio, the G.O.O.D. Music member said that Hall of Fame will be comprised of many moods. "You can expect a rollercoaster of just so many different feelings," he said.

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To build up to the album's release, Sean has been dropping a series of vlogs online, with which he aims to provide inspiration for his faithful flock. "Hopefully they can take what I've learned, put that in their own life and be happy and successful themselves and be rich," he said. "So Hall of Fame has that same touch, taste and tone as those video blogs. It's a lot of inspirational songs, meaningful songs, sad songs, happy songs, party songs. It goes so many different places, but it all connects."

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