Rihanna's Next Business Venture: 'Rih-Card' Entrepeneur?

Now that RihRih's gone into the e-card biz (sort of), MTV News has designed her debut line!

Earlier this week, Rihanna only added more grist to the gossip mill when she posted a "Rih-card" on her Instagram account, one that seemed to suggest (you know, because it said so) that she was very much single, and looking forward to doing "whatever the f--- I want to."

And while most used the post as an opportunity to once again attempt to untangle the web/enigma/paradox that is her relationship with Chris Brown, well, we here at MTV News gave up any hope of solving that riddle long ago. Instead, we've cooked up what we believe to be a truly amazing business opportunity for RihRih ... one we're going to pitch to her right now.

It's simple, really: Rihanna should start her own line of "Rih-cards." Her initial offering was clearly inspired by the folks at SomeECards.com, so she's already got the template down pat. And as for source material, well, she's got that in spades, too.

Because, as she's proven time and time again through her Twitter account, Rihanna is an endless font of wisdom, inspirational missives, and stoned paeans to chain restaurants (she also curses a lot) ... from "I don't get bitter, I just get better" and "Empty vessels make most noise" to "I'm legit crying like a p---- right now" and "Mama gets to blackout TONIGHT!!!!" she's kind of like a mix between Confucius and Yoda, only with more references to weed.

In short, these messages need to be given the "Rih-card" treatment ... and we've done just that. So Rihanna, if you're interested, have your people contact ours, we've got the financial backing (that "Catfish" money, son!) to pull this whole thing off, and we can't wait to make "Rih-cards" a reality in 2013. You keep dropping the knowledge; we'll keep using our Photoshop skills. Let's get to work!

Take a look at all of our Rih-cards right here!