T.I. Isn't Really Holding A Gun On Trouble Man Cover

Tip tells 'RapFix Live' the weapon on his album cover is merely 'a metaphorical, creative, conceptual gun.'

It may look like T.I. is holding a gun on the cover to his new LP Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head, but the King of the South is doing no such thing.

Tip raised a few eyebrows with his album art. Considering the legal fallout after his 2007 gun arrest and possible conflicts with his probation, it isn't a good idea for T.I. to be around firearms of any kind, so that's why he wants to make things clear. So is the rapper holding a pistol on the front of Trouble Man?

"A metaphorical, creative, conceptual gun that represents all of the things in life that can get a man in trouble in the form of what one can consider a gun, however not a real gun," T.I. clarified in a most humorous way when he appeared on "RapFix Live" on Wednesday.

The illustrated cover features a 1970s-styled artistic rendering of the rapper holding up a pistol in his right hand. The pistol is decorated with images of women, cars, dice and a big ol' dollar sign — all the trappings of the fast life. Musically, Trouble Man is in many ways a return to the unapologetic trap music that has made the Grand Hustle CEO famous. It's a style he's veered away from on his 2010 album No Mercy, but the artwork is a depiction of his mission to reclaim the streets. But, remember: He is not holding a gun.

"And that was not even a real pose, that was an illustration," he continued to explain. "So if it was a real gun that would've just been a real gun that they drew in the hand of someone that looks very similar to T.I.

"But it was a drawing, there was not a gun being held in any photo shoot, anywhere and I want everybody to make sure that they know that and get that very, very clear and understood, OK," he concluded.

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