Mayan Apocalypse: One Direction, Ed Sheeran Share Their Plans For Our Final Days

'I don't want to be working!' 1D's Harry Styles tells us about how he hopes to spend December 21.

Well, we've had a good run (except for the Middle Ages, of course), but, as you are probably aware, the world is set to end on Friday, thanks to those pesky Mayans and their so-called "Long Count Calendar," which is set to complete a major cycle on December 21 and will usher in an apocalypse so horrific it'll make Black Friday look like a Sunday stroll in the park.

Of course, there's a very good chance none of this will actually happen, mind you, but just in case it does, MTV News caught up with some of the biggest stars in music and television, and asked them how they'll be spending their final day on the planet. And, not surprisingly, most of them won't be stocking their survival shelters.

"I think we're working on that day, if it happens," One Direction's Harry Styles sighed. "And I don't want to be working!"

"I gotta get Oohh's & Aahh's soul food in D.C. one more time before the world ends," J.Cole laughed. "And have sex."

As it turns out, plenty of other folks seemed to have sex on the brain — "If December 21 really does prove to be the end of the world, I've got to nail those three Brazilian triplets before then," Steve-O joked. "Because those dudes are hot." — but there are some stars who aren't taking our impending doom lightly. Like, for example, "Jersey Shore's" Deena Cortese, who's been in full-blown panic mode for a minute now.

"Nobody's taking this seriously, besides me," she said. "I keep telling everybody they need to get water and canned foods, and nobody's doing this, and I'm really getting nervous about this."

Don't be nervous, Deena. Because, as breakout star Ed Sheeran was quick to point out, December 21 will probably end up being just another day. And he's got the historical knowledge to back that claim up.

"Can I just point out something? Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar, created months for themselves, August and July, so they put two months into the Mayan Calendar," he said. "The Mayan Calendar ends in 2012, but two months were added to it, so it should have ended around 30 years ago; so all this world-ending stuff is complete bulls--."

Dang, why you got to be such a downer, man? It's the end of the world we're talking about!

How will you be spending the last day on earth? Let us know in the comments below.