One Direction Ask Santa For 'General Chilling' This Christmas

The 1D boys share their holiday wish lists with MTV News.

In case you haven't heard, Christmas is almost here. And aside from possibly asking Santa for some vintage Action Man dolls, One Direction has a few other items they want for Christmas. But, they are hardly asking for anything as fancy as you might imagine pop stars to. In fact, they are hardly asking for much of anything at all.

"I'm not really looking for anything for Christmas," Niall Horan told MTV News. "I think we all kind of agree, we just like were all really looking forward to just going home and like spending Christmas with our family and friends, eating a lot, drinking a lot, sleeping a lot, just chilling. General chilling."

Surely, there is something they want. "I just asked for pants because if you're on the road you always run out of pants and socks," Harry Styles said. "So I just asked for pants and socks."

Upon deeper investigation, there is a reason why Styles needs so many pants and socks to tide him over. That reason is 1D's resident klepto, Zayn Malik. "All the time [I steal stuff]," Malik said. "I'm the biggest culprit for that. I steal everyone's stuff."

"Yeah 'cause Zayn's like come away with just a little bag," Louis Tomlinson explained. "I've never understood it."

But, you see, Malik has a good reason for mooching off his bandmates. He said, "I can never be bothered like taking a big suitcase. I nick all the other boys' clothes."

Now, if you're still scrambling for a gift, 1D fans can win a full set of 1D dolls during MTV News' "MTV's Take One Direction Home Sweepstakes." MTV News has one doll for each guy that we are giving away this holiday season. And, these aren't just any versions of the dolls; they have been signed by the entire group just for you!

Get to Know the Contest's Rules.

It all kicked off on Monday (December 17) when we buried a clue somewhere and anywhere on MTV's website (that means there's some clues floating out there right now!), kicking off an epic five-day scavenger hunt. If you've found the 1D logo, you know you're on the right trail. The five letters that will run on the site from Monday through Friday will all spell out a word that has something to do with the guys in One Direction.

Once the week of clues wraps up, one winner (who figured out the clues correctly) will be picked and have their own, signed 1D dolls sent right to their house. By the way, you can submit your answer on the MTV News Facebook page.

What would you give One Direction for Christmas? Share your gift ideas in the comments!