'Jersey Shore' Cast Reflects On Six Wild Seasons: Their Best (And Worst!) Moments

From visiting Italy to fighting with roommates, the stars break down for MTV News their personal highs and lows.

It's been a wild ride for the kids of the "Jersey Shore." There's been ups, downs and everything in between. And, soon it will all be over.

MTV is reliving some of the show's wildest moments in a weeklong marathon ahead of the series finale, which will air this Thursday, December 20, at 10 p.m. ET/PT (followed immediately by a live reunion special at 11 p.m. ET/PT). And, ahead of the final episode, MTV News caught up with the cast, who picked their favorite and least-favorite moments in the show's six-season history.


Deena: "My favorite moment is probably my meatball date with Nicole when we went to Jenks. It was right when we got home from Italy, so we really, really appreciated New Jersey."

Snooki: "My favorite moment is probably drinking during the day with Deena because Deena's the only one that would drink during the day and that's the funnest time to drink — during the day, on a nice summer day on the beach. Amazing."

Sammi: "My favorite would have to be going to Italy."

JWoww: "My first date with Roger, just 'cause it led to an engagement."

Vinny: "My favorite moment was when we went to Sicily to visit my family because that was honestly my favorite life moment. And it was on the show, so it was perfect."

The Situation: "The first day that we moved in because it would be the first day that this rollercoaster started. And it was the first day to something that was unbelievable, that nobody could have predicted."

Ronnie: "My favorite moment was either probably Italy or the first day in the first house, the Jersey Shore house. When you actually walked in and you met everyone for the first time and you see like her [Sammi] and Pauly. And I'm like, 'People like that still exist?' "

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Least-Favorite Moments

Deena: "I had some things in Italy ... Probably when I forgot to wear my underwear to the club in Italy. That's probably my least."

Snooki: "My least-favorite moment would probably be fighting with any roommate, especially Mike. I just don't like drama and I hate fighting and I hate being in a bad mood. So I would hate all those moments."

Sammi/Ronnie: "The worst would probably be Miami."

JWoww: "My least-favorite moment would have to be every time I fight with a roommate. But, then again, there's always a positive twist to it because we grow from fighting, we grow from the experiences."

Vinny: "Probably when I wanted to go home just because ... you never want a bad part of your life to be when you're supposed to be doing something fun — that's not what the show's about. But it's true life, so whatever you're feeling at the time happens."

The Situation: "This is our last season, and although it's been pretty awesome, all good things must come to an end. And I'm just happy to be involved and made some new friends."

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