Chris Brown, Afrojack Want To 'Earthquake The Radio' With 'As Your Friend'

Afrojack talks to MTV News about the new track and rumors that Rihanna almost recorded it with Chris Brown.

Chris Brown certainly isn't new to laying down his vocals over thumping club bangers. And it's no exception on his latest entry into the genre, the Afrojack track, "As Your Friend."

Over a booming beat and enough grinding synths to keep you partying all night long, Brown laments about a former flame, singing lines like, "Now we're standing on the edge/ Looking like here we go again/ I used to be your man/ But, today I woke up as your friend."

It's an interesting sentiment considering that it was, at one point, rumored that Rihanna had been offered the tune to put her spin on. "I don't know. There was some stuff that my manager told me and then I said, 'Well, my manager told me this.' And then he said, 'You can't say anything about it.' So I have no clue [about the Rihanna rumors.] But I do know I have a new single together with Chris Brown that's gonna be released around February," Afrojack shared with MTV News.

The track has since crept up online in the weeks since our early December chat with him, and will appear on Afrojack's 2013 album release. And, he says that while the foundation was there when it was presented to Breezy, it definitely became more of a collaboration.

"It was basically a track that I wrote together with a friend of mine called Leroy Styles, a new guy that I signed to my label," Afrojack said. "And you know Polow da Don, he's good friends with Chris Brown and I worked with him a little."

After Polow played the track for Brown, the singer knew he wanted to get on board. Afrojack explained, "He jumped on it immediately. I got vocals. I was like 'wow' and he killed it completely. Like he did a part that we already wrote and he did a completely new part. It fits perfectly. It's like streamline; it's like a fast car."

And Afrojack is hoping to change up what you hear on the radio with this single. "It's a dance music song, but like a little more progressive, but still ass-kicking ... I don't know if I can say ass but it is kicking, it kicks. You're gonna hear it and it's just a big drop," he said. "And I want to bring more drops to the radio. I want to give it more buildups and drops and stuff and overthrow the radio a little bit; earthquake the radio."

With the song out for public consumption, fans might be wondering when the twosome will create a visual to go along with it. Afrojack isn't sure if it's in the cards, but he does have a treatment if they can lock down a time to film it.

"I never met Chris before, so it would be really dope if you see Chris at one of my shows," he said. "And everyone, they come to me like 'Nice to meet you, nice to meet you.' And there's like 5,000 people looking and then like 'Oh my! It's Chris Brown!' And then we perform the song together, like it's completely improvised. I think that would be a dope video."