'Jersey Shore' Cast Rolls Out Five-Year 'Business And Babies' Plan

From marriage to branding, the MTV stars share their future goals ahead of show's finale Thursday.

It's so hard to say goodbye! But, come this Thursday, we bid "Jersey Shore" the fondest of farewells as the show ends its massive six-season run on MTV. It's been three years since the world was first introduced to the wacky, party-loving kids who took us to Seaside Heights (and even Italy).

As MTV pays homage to the show with a weeklong marathon ahead of the series finale, which will air on Thursday, December 20 at 10 p.m. ET/PT (followed immediately by a live reunion special at 11 p.m. ET/PT), MTV News rounded up the cast to find out what kinds of plans they have in store for the next five years of their lives.

"My five-year [plan] would be marriage and babies," JWoww said, before adding, "And being a producer, business and babies!"

It was that life motto that really appealed to Mike, who has affectionately been billed The Situation since he hit our airwaves all those years ago. "Business and babies, I like that! Remember that! That's a good one! I'm thinking the next five years, you know I've dreamt since I was a little boy to be in front of the TV screen and four years later, you know, 'Look at me! I'm on MTV, mom,' " he said with a laugh, noting that he'd love to stay in that world. "But I'd like to continue that, whether it's TV or movies. Hopefully, that's the next step. And whatever the future brings, I'm looking forward to it 'cause I got my boys and girls with me."

Much like The Sitch, Snooki wants to keep her feet firmly planted in the world of TV. But, she's hoping to branch out into something even realer than reality TV. "The next five years, hopefully, I'll have my own talk show," she teased. "I want like a late-night talk show, so I can talk about anything and get raunchy and you know just like have fun, kind of like a 'Chelsea Lately' kind of show. I would love to have that, but you know hopefully have more kids, be married and have my clothing line be a success."

While Snooki still dreams of a talk show, Vinny is already well on his way towards one as he's set to launch "The Show With Vinny" in the near future.

"And, I'm like just continuously trying to, like even from day one of this show, I was trying to just take acting opportunities. And now I go to [Upright Citizens Brigade] class for comedy, I have my own talk show coming out on MTV, so in five years I really hope to make a name for myself in the acting comedy world," he dished.

A$AP Rocky gets a surprise visit from Vinny!

Like his pals, Ronnie also has his sights set on Hollywood. "I definitely still want to do TV; I'm doing stuff," he shared, also noting a special announcement for "JS" super fans. "I have Ron Ron juice hitting the stores at the end of January. I want to stay with kind of the liquor and that whole party scene kind of thing, but I definitely want to do the acting if that doesn't work out."

Deena shared that she'd love to head back to school post-"Shore." "Next five years? I don't know... hopefully my Whisper hair product kicks off and my clothing line, but if not, I plan on maybe going back to school for beauty, hair, makeup," she said. "And hopefully maybe me and Chris moving in with each other and going from there."

What's on Sammi's bucket list? She explained, "I kind of want to get into hosting and things like that. And I am, of course, branding. I have my workout line; I have a clutch/purse line, perfume, cologne, just branding stuff. But, hopefully, as long as I'm happy and successful, that's all that matters."

Where would you like to see the "Jersey Shore" stars in the next five years? Give your ideas in the comments below!

Tune into MTV on Thursday, December 20 at 10 p.m. ET for the final episode of "Jersey Shore" followed by a live reunion special at 11 p.m. ET. And get your GTL fix all week on MTV with the "Jersey Shore" marathon!