Apocalypse Fears? Joey Bada$$ And Pro Era Have Your End-Of- Days Music Covered

PE crew previews Peep the Aprocalypse mixtape, four days before many expect the world to end.

Main Pick

Headliner: Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era

Representing: Brooklyn, New York

Mixtape: Peep the Aprocalypse

Real Spit: Just in case the Mayans were right and the world comes to an end on December 21, 2012, teenage Brooklyn MC Joey Bada$$ wants to make sure he and his Pro Era crew get a chance to carve out their place in the annals of rap before it's all over.

"This is gonna be the last bit of good music you hear before this sh-- blow," PE spitter CJ Fly told Mixtape Daily about Peep the Aprocalypse, the mixtape the group will drop on the supposed last day on Earth.

In addition to CJ, who was featured on Joey's "Hardknock" single earlier this year, rappers Kirk Knight, Capital STEEZ, Chuck Strangers, Dessy Hinds and Nyck Caution round out the rag-tag crew of hip-hop prodigies.

Though Joey is one of rap's most exciting rookie soloist, he's always celebrated those around him. His breakout single "Survival Tactics" featured Capital STEEZ and when he dropped his debut mixtape 1999 in June he made sure to feature the entire PE Crew the the 12-minute long posse cut "Suspect."

On Peep the Aprocalypse PE blends jazzy samples with wordy rhymes. It is a stark contrast to the trap rap style that is popular amongst many of today's MCs and that's part of the appeal.

With tracks like the smoky-sounding "Natural Thoughts" with Dessy Hinds and Nyck Caution or the story-telling "Overseas" (a track Joey came up with after returning from European show dates) the Pro Era crew proves that they are well beyond their years. Hopefully it doesn't all come to an end.

Joints to Check For

» "Vinyls" featuring Dessy Hinds, Captial STEEZ and Nyck Caution: "It's like that old vintage beat that you just look though the crates to find it and you find it and you knew you made a good sample to it," Hinds said.

» "Overseas" featuring Joey Bada$$ and CJ Fly: "It's some swank sh--. Some sh-- for the ladies. We had some experiences overseas, so we talked about that," Joey said.

» "Natural Thoughts" featuring Dessy Hinds and Nyck Caution: "That's a track Dessy made first and he just asked me to put a verse on it. It's just about the whole hip-hop nature, like keepin' it natural, keepin' it authentic," Nyck said.

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