Big Sean 'Shut Down' Detroit For 'Guap' Video

Sean returns to his home town to film the clip for his Hall of Fame track, which he describes as 'feel-good music.'

With a sophomore album titled Hall of Fame: Memoirs of a Detroit Player, it's no surprise that Big Sean returned to his hometown to shoot visuals for his lead single "Guap." The G.O.O.D. music rapper is confident that the new video, set to premiere on Sunday, will be one of his most iconic pieces yet.

" 'Guap' [will be] one of those classic hip-hop videos [that] key rappers always have had in their careers, like Jay-Z with 'Izzo (H.O.V.A.),' " Sean told MTV News. "It's legendary because you come back to your city and shut it down to that degree. We shut down the biggest street in the city, kids came out — they were skipping school, which is kinda f---ed up, but we had an awesome time. I really saw how the city was showing love to me and the production in the video is all just sky high."

The video was filmed close to a couple landmarks near and dear to the Motor City rapper, including club Bleu, where he performed early in his career, and even his high school. The 24-year-old is the first to admit that "Guap" is not an accurate representation of the music he'll offer on his sophomore opus, while maintaining that it still serves a higher purpose.

"Honestly, 'Guap' to me doesn't really set up the Hall Of Fame album too much. It's definitely just a fun energetic song — I'm still spitting that real on there, but the album's got so many different deep moments, so much fresh storytelling and concepts, 'Guap' definitely doesn't do a good job of showing the depth of the album at all."

What it does achieve, though, is spread some much-needed joy. "Kanye was one of the people who [thought] I should put this out first," Sean explained. "Sometimes that's what you need when life is so good — serious, especially where I'm from. Detroit is at an all-time low. My city is talking about getting 'dissolved.' Look up what that means and then you'll see why I put a song like this out first. We just need that energy, that feel-good music right now."

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