Kristen Stewart Turns Her 'Focus' To Post-'Twilight' Flicks

Stewart weighs in her role alongside Ben Affleck in 'Focus' and plans for a 'Snow White' sequel.

Kristen Stewart bid the "Twilight Saga" a fond farewell just weeks ago, but she's already moving on from the blockbuster franchise. Among the many projects she's attached to is the con man-themed comedy with Ben Affleck, "Focus."

"I would love to do [something between now and 'Focus'], but I don't think that... I haven't found anything," she told MTV News on Thursday at the junket for "On the Road." "I mean, it's a really good story. I know the other day, the only thing I've said about it is that it's a comedy; it's like, 'OK, expect to laugh [and] expect [it] to be so funny,' but I find it so funny."

When asked how funny the movie will be, she had this rather sarcastic explanation. She joked, "It's really broad, really broad. Me and Ben are really gonna go for it. But it is really funny. It's a great story."

Stewart is expected to start shooting the film in April. She was first attached to the part back in November. The duo behind "Crazy, Stupid, Love," Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, will write the script and direct the film. In it, Affleck will play a seasoned con man who takes Stewart's up-and-comer under his tutelage to teach her the art of a good con.

While "Focus" is locked in, the sequel to his year's "Snow White and the Huntsman" is still a bit more up in the air. And, as of now, Stewart says she would be down to head back into the world of fairy tales to reprise her lead role.

"Yeah, of course. I think it's sort of still at the same stage it's been at for a long time, not quite there yet," she said. "But I think the people, they are fairly ambitious about it, about the idea of it. Yeah, of course, definitely."

While she's on board to return to that franchise, she's pretty sure she won't play Bella Swan again anytime soon. That means no more "Twilight" for her, even if Summit or Stephenie Meyer come calling. She added, "No I don't take their calls anymore! ... Yes, I think I soaked it up. Yeah, it was good. It was so different [promoting 'Breaking Dawn -- Part 2']... this was pointedly different. Yeah, it felt good."