Yeah, Taylor Swift Wore A Wig To Be A 'Different Girl' In 'Trouble'

We had a feeling pink wasn't her natural hair color, so 'MTV First: Taylor Swift' got the scoop on her new look in 'I Knew You Were Trouble.'

Leave it to Taylor Swift to do something as perfectly planned out as releasing her latest music video, "I Knew You Were Trouble," on her birthday. What makes it even sweeter is the fact that it happens to be the release of her 23rd music video dropping on her 23rd birthday.

Except she kind of didn't realize it all worked out like that until now.

"It's like a golden video birthday. I realized that like five minutes ago when someone told me and now I'm all excited about it," she told MTV News during the latest episode of "MTV First." "I can't believe it lined up like that."

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And, among all her videos she's dropped so far over the course of her career, this latest video is her favorite. And, her explanation for she loves it so much, also acts as a sort of Cliffs Notes as to what goes down in the Anthony Mandler-directed clip.

"I think that this video is my favorite right now just because I've never had a video that was so action-packed, where it's like 'Oh my god! They're fighting, now they're in a hotel room and now he's like getting a tattoo, and now like there's a rave, and then there's a concert and he's kissing another girl and there's all this stuff going on. It's insane, like he's driving. How's he standing up and driving?' It's just like fast-moving, just like the song," she said, also showing love to her bad boy co-star Reeve Carney. "And I think the actor who played the guy in the video, Reeve Carney, is like one of the most amazing, talented people I've gotten to be around."

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While the slightly NSFW plot may shock some Swifties, others may find her cropped, pink-tipped hair equally edgy. "I was wearing a wig, yeah. It was just kind of like, I felt like I was really stepping into a character," she said. "Like I actually got to feel like I was this different girl, who was pulled into this different storyline, and with the pink hair and everything, I felt like it really kind of showed how she changed."

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