It's Taylor Swift's Birthday! What Should Harry Styles Buy Her?

From chocolates to jewelry, fans give Haylor some gift-giving advice.

In case you didn't hear, today is Taylor Swift's birthday. The fair-haired pop superstar is celebrating her big 2-3. And if "pal" Harry Styles is scratching his head about what to get the girl who has everything, some of One Direction's biggest fans have some suggestions for the male half of Haylor.

"I think Harry should give Taylor something that means something personal," Ana Worthington told MTV News after the guys' Madison Square Garden show earlier this month. "Like, the guys that she dates can buy really expensive things, but I think he needs to give her something that really means something."

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Two other fans had an interesting and rather unusual suggestion for him. "I think Harry should give Taylor some..." Alana Pettus said, before pal Erin Moore added, "...Something mythical."

Jenna Masciantanio offered up this bit of gift-giving advice: "A breakup so that she can write more songs."

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Other fans, however, didn't share in that sentiment. "I think writing a song, something special," Emily Blair said. "Some roses, some flowers, always good... jewelry, anything a girl wants."

Along those lines of time-tested gifts, Tori Ewarte added, "Chocolate, probably a good one."

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By the photo evidence floating around, it seems that Harry may have gifted Taylor with some doves while on vacation in England, so maybe he's got it under control.

However, some other celebrities had some suggestions for what they would buy the 23-year-old. "Taylor Swift, happy birthday," said Swift's "Both of Us" collaborator, B.o.B. "Congratulations on all your success. I ordered a Papa John's pizza, and I saw her on my box and I was like, 'This is great.' This makes my pizza that much better."

"We honor you, cherish you, relish you, admire you, each and every day are inspired by you. Happy birthday," Jason Mraz said of the birthday girl.

What do you think Harry Styles should get Taylor Swift for her birthday? Leave your comment below!