Ed Sheeran Going 'Death Metal' on Next Album?

'I'm thinking of doing a heavy metal album, like screamo,' Sheeran jokes to MTV News.

NEW YORK — 2012 was a good year to be Ed Sheeran. The red-headed British singer/songwriter burst onto the music scene with his critically acclaimed debut effort, +, which caught much attention after "The A Team" became Sheeran's first single to chart on Billboard's Hot 100 and also got him his first-ever Grammy nomination.

As if that weren't enough, Sheeran has also lent his talents to some of his very famous friends, collaborating with Taylor Swift on her Red track "Everything Has Changed" and writing heart -melting lyrics for One Direction's "Little Things."

But now, Sheeran is putting the focus back on himself and is already hard at work on his second album, and it is not what you would expect.

"I'm thinking of doing a heavy-metal album, like screamo," Sheeran joked at Z 100's Jingle Ball in New York City. "Like proper death metal."

All kidding aside, Sheeran did reveal that he's "done around 26 songs" for his sophomore record. But if you are hoping to hear an Ed Sheeran/One Direction collaboration, you won't be finding it on this album.

"I'm not really too up for collaborations," Sheeran admitted. "My theory is Bob Dylan never collaborated on his first few records so I think I'll get to a point where for me collaborating on my own record will make sense, but for now I need to kind of make my own groove myself and collaborating with someone like Taylor on her record has opened up so many doors but I think for me on my own record I need to keep it me for a while."

Well, if he changes his mind, he said he does have a few songs left over from his recording sessions with Swift, whom he will be joining on the road as her opening act on 2013's Red Tour. So what can expect from Sheeran on stage?

"I don't know really. I've never really played stadiums," Sheeran said. "I guess a nervous Ed on stage with a small guitar."

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