Taylor Swift Shines As Grammy Darling In Top 2012 Moments: Watch Now!

The birthday girl broke down her epic year during our 'Big & Best' live stream.

Taylor Swift never stopped in 2012; adding up to what has been a pretty impressive year. And, with only a few weeks left in it, the singer took some time to reflect during the "Big & Best of 2012" special, which aired on Wednesday, one day before her 23rd birthday! (The same day she is also expected to release her "I Knew You Were Trouble" music video.)

5. Get It While It's Hot

When Swift had new music to share with her fans off October's Red, she knew the right venue to do it was on MTV during some of the network's biggest nights of the year.

"I think #5 would be getting to perform the new music from my album on EMAs, on the VMAs," she said of the two dazzling performances when she dropped "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

4. October Road

When Swift did finally drop the album, she knew there was only one group of people she wanted to celebrate the release with: her Swifties.

"I think #4 would be getting to spend my release week for my new album Red with my fans, traveling around with me. And, also, like, the fact that they bought so many albums when it came out," she recalled. "That was insane, getting that phone call, 'Oh it's 1.2 million in the first week.' It's a really good moment for me."

3. Grammy Darling

It's been a non-stop love affair between Swift and the Grammy Awards. And just this year alone, she kicked it all off back in February, where she took home some gold, before learning she'd be up for some more come February (for Record of the Year, Best Country Duo/Group Performance and Best Song Written For Visual Media).

"I think #3 would be my experiences with the Grammys this year. I got to perform and we won two of them at the last one," she said. "And then I got to be a part of the nominations special like a couple days ago, and we got three nominations."

2. Bon Voyage!

After kicking off her Speak Now tour in 2011, she wrapped it up back in March of this year. And, aside from all the continent hopping she did on the trek, she's also traveled the globe to spread the message of her new music.

"#2 is, I think, that traveling to five continents this year was amazing," she said. "It was an incredible experience, like seeing places I've never been to before, going back to the places we've traveled overseas and seeing the music really catch on; it's been amazing."

1. Home Sweet Home

In the end, though, Swift feels the top spot should belong to her support system, and the balance she's found between her career and her personal life.

"And then #1, I think, is the fact that we've been so busy but I've still kept in touch with my friends and family," she said. "And I don't feel like we've lost like our close relationships even though it's been insanely busy. I feel like I've learned to kind of balance it."

What was your favorite Taylor moment of 2012? Leave your ideas in the comments!