Miguel Won't Pay 'No Child Support' On Your 'Adorn' Babies!

Grammy nominee jokes about unintended effects of the steamy track after a performance on our 'Big & Best of 2012' live stream.

2012 was certainly the year of the R&B gods. And one of them, Miguel, stopped by to perform during our eight-hour live stream on Wednesday (December 12).

Thanks to his swoon-worthy renditions of "Adorn," "Do You ..." and "The Thrill," from his Kaleidoscope Dream album, "The Big & Best of 2012: A Year End Celebration Presented by T-Mobile" got steamier than we could have anticipated.

But if you think Miguel's only charming when he's performing, think again. The singer had a delightful warning for anyone who's gotten busy to his Grammy-nominated "Adorn." "I'm not paying no child support!" he joked to MTV News' James Montgomery when the two of them sat down for a quick chat. "Just letting you all know: I'm not responsible."

All joking aside, Miguel did open up about how the sexed-up tune came together and, yes, a bedroom was involved. "I'll be honest with you, that's kind of one of those songs that wrote itself," he explained during the "Big & Best of 2012" special. "I couldn't even tell you the beginning or the end of it. It was just really starting with the keys I was hearing and, two hours later, rushing to my car to play it and thinking, 'Damn, it would be really crazy if this played on the radio.' That's the only song [off Kaleidoscope Dream] I didn't record in New York ... and that was done in my apartment in L.A.

"From my bedroom to yours! It's the gift of giving," he added.

In a year that saw smooth, soulful jams by folks like Miguel, the Weeknd and Frank Ocean getting lots of play, the Cali crooner said now was the right time to show off the many sides of the genre. "It's not limited to bedroom talk or being bawdy or being salacious all the time or always being about the opposite sex," he said. "I think we forgot somehow that R&B, rhythm and blues and soul music really are the birth places of rock and roll and hip-hop, and with that there should be all of the creative and the risk-taking.

"Everything should be open to [R&B]," he continued. "It shouldn't be confined to this concept that it's all about the ladies, all about sex. I mean I love those things too, but my life doesn't revolve around the bedroom. I live my life in the world just like everybody else does."

Speaking of R&B stars, rumor has it Miguel has worked on Beyoncé's 2013 album release. But he played coy about that. "I took a picture with Beyoncé in the studio" is about all he would confirm. "She's so sweet to let me have taken a picture," he added, saying he hopes next year brings more chances for collaboration to his budding career.