Rihanna Is 'Just The Homey,' A$AP Rocky Says

But he did admit during Wednesday's 'Big & Best of 2012' live stream that he copped a feel at the VMAs: 'It felt like a soft female's butt.'

A lot of guys lived vicariously through A$AP Rocky on the night of September 6. Not only did the Harlem rap upstart get to open up the 2012 Video Music Awards alongside Rihanna, he also copped a feel on the Bajan beauty's behind.

Many, including "RapFix Live" host and MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway couldn't believe it, so when Pretty Flacko sat on the red couch Wednesday (December 12) as part of our "Big & Best of 2012" live stream, the veteran journalist just had to ask.

"Did you squeeze her butt?" Sway questioned still, in shock over such a bold move.

"I believe so," Rocky answered honestly before trying to describe what it actually felt like to get that close to the global pop icon. "It felt like a butt, like a soft female's butt."

Though the stunt may suggest otherwise, Rocky made it very clear that he and Rih Rih are just friends. In fact, the two will be touring together next year as a part of Rihanna's Diamonds run. "Believe it or not, that's just the homey," A$AP said, just in case there was any lingering speculation. "I can't wait to see how her fans react to me and her working together and going on tour. That's gonna be fun."

The two exhibited quite a deal of chemistry on Rihanna's "Cockiness" remix and then again on the VMA stage. Aside from his musical talent, Rocky believes that Rihanna was drawn to work with him because of his out-the-box fashion sensibilities.

"She has a lot of style, and I think that's what she saw in me and what she liked, because she saw that I was eclectic with the way I did my music and my style was different," he speculated before jokingly taking things a step further. "I really think it was more she admired me as an artist — and the fact that I'm handsome helped."