Demi Lovato's Lovatics Are The Best Fans Of 2012!

Lady Gaga's Little Monsters and Britney Spears' Team Britney fell short of Lovato's devoted fanbase in our 'Last Fans Standing' contest.

If there's anything that gets music fans going more than news about their favorite artists, it's a call to action to prove they are the most dedicated group of fans out there — which is what we did when we launched the "Last Fans Standing" contest as part of our epic "Big & Best of 2012" live-stream event Wednesday (December 12).

The competition was at its fiercest in the final hour of voting on MTV's Facebook page between Lady Gaga's Little Monsters, Britney Spears' Team Britney and Demi Lovato's Lovatics. After a flurry of dedicated activity, tons of photos shared and votes cast, the Last Fans Standing are ... Lovato's Lovatics.

Congratulations to you all and a special shout-out to second and third place finishers Little Monsters and Team Britney. It was a close race, and we've been thoroughly impressed by your dedication.

"Last Fans Standing" began with 16 different fan armies, and the field was narrowed down over the course of the eight-hour online broadcast. Fan groups included in the contest were: KatyCats (Katy Perry), Rihanna Navy (Rihanna), Little Monsters, TWFanmily (The Wanted), Swifties (Taylor Swift), Selenators (Selena Gomez), Animals (Ke$ha), Directioners (One Direction), Beliebers (Justin Bieber), Barbz (Nicki Minaj), Glamberts (Adam Lambert), Hooligans (Bruno Mars), Lovatics, Team Breezy (Chris Brown), Beyhive (Beyoncé) and Team Britney.

This wasn't just a competition for votes: Once the field was narrowed to the top seven groups (BeyHive, Selenators, Directioners, Beliebers, Little Monsters, Team Britney and Lovatics), we added a few extra layers of fun to the contest by creating five separate social-media-fueled challenges that involved sharing photos, tweeting out specific hashtags, unlocking stickers on Get Glue and more.