A$AP Rocky Gets A Surprise Visit From 'Jersey Shore' Star Vinny: Watch!

During Wednesday's 'Big & Best,' Vinny invites A$AP to join him on MTV's 'The Show With Vinny.'

Call it two worlds crashing. On Wednesday (December 12), during a special episode of "RapFix Live" coinciding with the "Big & Best of 2012" live stream event, A$AP Rocky probably had no idea that he'd be meeting a "Jersey Shore" star. His interview was crashed by the one and only Vinny Guadagnino, who had chatted with "RapFix" host Sway earlier in the "B&B 2012" broadcast.

Vinny, as it turns out, is a fan of the rapper, and during their time on the red couch, he invited the MC over to Chez Guadagnino in Staten Island for some Italian food and chit chat, all for his forthcoming MTV project, "The Show With Vinny."

"I got this talk show where people come over my house and my mother cooks for them," Vinny told the rapper. "And we just chop it up over a real meal and whatever it is; if you're a basketball player, we play ball. It's pretty sick."

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The MTV star teased that big-time celebs have already made their way over to S.I. to hang out with the up-and-coming talk show host, and now he wants A$AP to do the same. "We got a huge name that came on and support it, and people are going to be shocked to see it," he shared. "It doesn't make sense 'cause we're Italian, and my mom doesn't even know who these rappers are. And then they come on, and she's giving doggie bags to their entourage and stuff.

"It's just a lot of fun," he continued. "I'm trying to do a talk show that's different from me sitting across a desk."

So, would A$AP be down to hang out? "Does she cook vegetarian food? I definitely want to come over!" A$AP said. "Yo, please, that sounds dope. Do me a favor and just your mom see two of my videos? I'm there! But you got to come with me [Sway]."

And, when he does stop by, hip-hop can definitely be on the list of topics to discuss. Vinny added, "I'm a big fan, and also I'm a big fan of new hip-hop."